Five Years

This morning as we were eating breakfast, Micah asked me if I remembered what we were doing five years ago today.   As my mind drifted back, I remembered that it was five years ago today when we left France for our stateside assignment.  We were new parents of 4 month old twin baby boys.  We had packed all of our household belongings into boxes and placed them in storage where they would be awaiting our return the following year.  We had placed what we thought we would need for the coming year into suitcases.  My mom had come to France to help us with the boys as we managed this crazy across the ocean move with little ones.  And five years ago today, we had the time of our lives (????) literally running through the Paris airport, enduring multiple security checkpoints in an effort not to miss our connecting flight--my mom and I each with a baby in a carrier strapped to us, Micah hauling a massive computer (right now, I can't seem to remember why we were bringing that back with us).  Seriously, I about had an emotional breakdown when Micah got stopped yet again at a checkpoint and I thought we were going to give my mom a heart attack as we literally ran through the airport toward our flight.  It was quite the day, let me tell you. 

What a crazy five years it has been.  If I am not careful, my heart gets really nostalgic for the life that would have been.  These five years have brought so much that we weren't expecting, so many changes that I never would have imagined, and today finds our family in a place that I never dreamed we would be.  And yes, our hearts still have parts of them that yearn for France and I suspect they always will.  But, today also finds us thankful for the years that have passed, for the multitude of lessons that we have learned, and for the blessing upon blessing we have seen in our family.  While life is different than we expected, I am quick to remember how good God is, how He has blessed our family and walked with us each day, and that because of the last five years, we know Him and love Him more intimately than we did back then.  And honestly, that is all that I can ask of my future.  That in five years from now, I want to  know Him more and to love Him more than I do right now. 

The day before we left was a Sunday and after attending church together, we went to the park with our teammates and some other friends and we took this family picture.  It is still ranks as one of my favorite days ever, spent with some of my favorite people ever, in most definitely my favorite park ever. 

Look how little our boys were (Micah is holding X, I am holding W) and look how young we look!!


Anonymous said…
Too emotional to say whats on my heart, but it is good to remember and realize how God has worked. Mom

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