Happy Mother's Day

A quick picture with my boys before church this morning:

I have the privilege of having a really wonderful mother who also has a really wonderful mother.   I have been blessed with many women who have played 'motherly' roles in my life and loved on me like I was their daughter.  I also feel pretty fortunate that I have some really good friends (and sister) who are what I consider role models in the mothering realm--who I look to for advice and encouragement.  I guess what I am trying to say is that in a world where there are women and girls with no positive female influences in their lives, my cup runneth over.  Today, I am beyond thankful to the Father for each and every mom in my life and for the sweet honor of being a mom myself.


Melissa said…
You look so pretty! Happy Mother's Day!
Anonymous said…
Did not realize your hair was getting longer! Nice pic w/your buddies. GmaE
LaCombe said…
You are Beautiful!!! Happy Mother's Day everyday to You! Love, Kathy

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