We currently have a few lost things in our house.  A couple of books (One Thousand Gifts and Radical to name a couple).  As well as some pictures that I recently had printed.  This has driven me about crazy looking for them, because I feel like perhaps they should be in a randomly neglected pile of 'stuff' somewhere around my house, but when I go to search for them, I discover that at some point in the last few weeks, I have cleared up many of those aforementioned piles and still can't seem to find those books or pictures.  I am sure that some day (hopefully soon) I will run across them safely tucked away out of the way and remember exactly why I put them where I did. 

But those lost things aren't really the point of this post.  It is another lost thing.  And in fact, I have a little video from William to tell you about it.

Yes, our sweet little William has joined the ranks of the 'too grown up' boys who have lost teeth.  It really doesn't seem like he is old enough, but here we are...my sweet baby boy with a missing tooth (or 'toof' as they like to say).  We hadn't really talked about whether or not to do the tooth fairy thing, but right after discovering he was missing his tooth (we honestly don't know when or how it came out), he said 'we have to tell the tooth fairy...well, the tooth fairy is just pretend though.'  So, right or wrong, we decided to skip the tooth fairy business.   Of course, I did get him a little Lego surprise at the store today which brought some really big smiles from William and a few (okay, alot!) of tears from Xavier. 

I tried to take some pictures, but honestly, it is hard to get a decent angle on a bottom tooth that has come out.  So, hopefully, you were able to spy it on the video.

In other news, I think I forgot to mention that yesterday was Micah's very last day of finals!!  Now, honestly, I have had a hard time getting very excited about this because we are still going to see very little of him until after June 13th, but it is a pretty big accomplishment and I am quite proud of him.

Right now, I am in the midst of making this Red Velvet Strawberry Shortcake  that I saw featured on the Pioneer Woman's blog yesterday.  I am fairly certain that mine will not turn out as pretty as that one but I am hoping that it tastes half as good as it looks!


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