oddly enough

Oddly enough, there are days when I have a difficult time deciding what to use for the photo of the day.  And then, there are days like this past Monday when I have this:

We have had this washing machine since last July and the boys finally discovered that it has a see through lid (we didn't buy it because of that, it was the only one they had left!), they literally stood there for 45 minutes watching it.  Completely cracked me up.

My mom had sent some paperwork to me in the mail and included a pad of post it notes each for the boys.  They have had the best time writing "clues" and posting them all around the house for each other.   Some of them have names (see above), some have arrows and others have pictures.  

We really limit their Leapster time and when I let them play some that afternoon, first of all, I enjoyed the pure bliss of silence, but then they just looked to stinkin' cute not to take a picture of.


Anonymous said…
Love the pictures and knowing what the boys are doing!
LaCombe said…
You just have the cutest and sweetest boys ever!!! So Blessed. Love ya, Kathy

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