Wednesday's Words

From our week:
  • Last Sunday night, I had picked up the boys from church where they had made Mother's Day cards (which Xavier insisted was a birthday card) and he wanted to know if next week I could make him a card using  "destruction paper".  
  • The boys have been watching The Amazing Race with me this season.  We were quite sad to see the Cowboys (Jet and Cord) go last week.  Of course, the boys called them Jed and Corb.  They also are quite insistent that the Globetrotters are named Fight Kite and Big Easy (it's actually Flight Time, but after correcting them several times, I just left it alone!).
  • I was working in the office while the boys were supposed to be cleaning up.  Before I knew it, William had climbed up behind me in the office chair and is telling me, "I just really want to spend some time in the office with you, Mommy."  They are quite the wheelers and dealers these days, always trying to figure a way out of whatever they are being asked to do.
  • "Why"--need I say more? seriously, this question comes up way more times than can be counted.

and because, you might just be in need of a laugh today, here is a video for your viewing pleasure..

In other news, my sister has her first chemo treatment today. Words can't really sum up the way my heart hurts for her, how badly I just want to be able to go and take her treatments for her, how I want to make it all go away. Many prayers and thoughts for her would be greatly appreciated. She is strong and she has and will continue to encourage and inspire though her journey, but I also know that there are going to be difficult moments/days and my heart is grieving that she has to face it. Praying God's comfort and tangible presence in that chemo room for her and in the waiting room for Brian. We trust, we trust, we trust....because we know that He is there and does not leave us alone, but walks each step, each minute. Much love to you, my dear sister, and many many prayers.


Anonymous said…
Great video!
Well said about Melissa's treatments
and ordeal.....may it pass swiftly. Thanks for the boy's sweet pics we got in the mail!!Gma E.
Mayme said…
Love the video!

I have just spent the day with your adorable niece and my adorable daughter! Girl, I admire mothers of twins:) They were busy, busy, but so much fun!
LaCombe said…
Praying for your Sister Becky and you as well. Love ya, Kathy

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