Wednesday's Words

I am not sure why all week long I can hear things that I mentally 'tag' for a Wednesday's Words post and then when I sit down to write the post, I have completely forgotten all of the cute things that have been said.

One thing that did crack me last week was the day after William had lost his tooth, he was going to pray at lunch time and he very sweetly started praying, "Dear Jesus..... (popped his head up) hey, I can still pray!...."  and went on with his prayer.  I guess he thought that he might have lost the ability with his lost tooth.

Since I obviously can't remember the things my children say today, I thought I would share a few links to some posts that I have enjoyed recently:
  • I loved this post by my friend Brooke on things she didn't know before she became a parent.
  • I was directed to this blog by a friend and have been following it for a few months now.  She is a photographer, crafter, mommy, and much more and her blog is kind of a hodge podge of all of that. Her daughter was recently in the hospital for an extended stay and this post about wanting to do something for others in the midst of their own difficulty was very inspiring. 
  • And honestly, I love just about everything that my sister writes.  Yesterday was not a very fun day in the life of a cancer patient and she wrote about it here, I loved her thoughts, the pictures, etc, but what I really appreciate are all the comments of those who are thinking of her.  I love that she has so many people who are loving her and praying for her.
  • and of course, there were more, but my mind has failed me yet again!
Last night, the boys and I took a quick walk to our neighborhood park to feed the ducks some leftover bread.  A friend that lives in our neighborhood joined us and it was just a really nice end to the day.  And I am not going to lie--it was pretty stinkin' cute seeing the boys 'talk' to the ducks, try to convince them to come and eat from them, and then to hear Xavier decide that one had had enough and to tell the duck that very thing.  Even managed to grab a couple of photos:

love my sweet boys

I think they had fun!


Love the toothless prayer! And, thanks for sharing your sisters with us. She is an inspiration. She had a good example in you, though.
Anonymous said…
Don't give up on your great blog--there are those of us waiting and watching...

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