I seriously can't commit to a title for this blog post or a theme to go with.  I have started and erased literally like 10 times, much like the scrapbook page I started earlier tonight and after messing with it for over an hour, changing it up 15 different times and still hating it, I decided it was time to just close photoshop for a while. 

We have been busy busy busy this week. 

Micah is working hard studying like crazy for his exam on Monday.  And  I know he would appreciate any and all thoughts and prayers for him.

I am working hard at not going crazy enjoying this summer with two rather energetic five year olds. 

The boys are working hard at bouncing off the walls expending every spare ounce of energy by playing very exuberantly from morning till night.

I do have two pictures to share. I rarely dress them exactly alike these days, and they have very few completely matching outfits.  But, I found these shorts at Gymboree last fall on clearance and thought they were so cute that I had to get them both an outfit.  I hadn't necessarily planned on them wearing them at the same time, but they picked them out to wear yesterday and I wasn't going to complain.  Before we headed out for a walk after dinner, I convinced them to let me take a few pictures.  The first one is their "sad" picture--I don't think they were very convincing.  The second has some blown out places where the sun interfered with my photo op, but it cracks me up and they were so proud of themselves for that picture.

I will do my best to post an actual update on life in the next couple of days, because we have been busy doing things this week, but my brain has apparently gone to mush for the moment!


Anonymous said…
Becky, you're forgetting to put that brick on the boys heads!!! They are growing so much. Thanks for the pictures.

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