Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Library Days

For the past couple of summers, we have been active participants in the Summer Reading Program at the library.  I grew up loving to read and I hope that I instill that love in my boys, and so we try to head to the library at least once a week to pick out new books.  I love that the boys love books about nature and specifically animals.  In fact, except for the fact that I insist they also pick some story books as well (mostly for my own sanity), they would be quite content to pick only books from the animal/nature book aisles.   Honestly, you can only read through so many books every week about sloths and beetles and cheetahs--those books are high on words...and by high, I mean 'single-spaced-small-font-pages-filled.'  And as much as I adore reading the minute details of the life cycle of beetles, bees, and ants, I need a little light reading every now and then as well!

Anyway, this year, we have also discovered that they have performances and special events for kids each week as well.  A few weeks ago there was a kids' rock band that played loud fun kids songs and they had all of the kids up and dancing and I am not going to lie, it was entertaining.  Xavier LOVES to dance, when he hears a song with a beat, his shoulders immediately go up and he starts moving his arms and bopping to the beat and completely cracks me up!  I took this video for Micah, it is from my phone, so the quality is not that awesome, but I think you will get the 'spirit' of the event!


Monica said...

your video is "private" :(

Anonymous said...

I really want to see that video!

Melissa said...

LOVE it. Xavier's definitely got some moves. There's something so fun and innocent in children before they've got inhibitions.