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We spent four days this past week in southeast Oklahoma at Beaver's Bend State Park and Broken Bow lake.  And while it was a wonderful trip that I would love to actually recap for you, I have decided maybe a quick list would be the best way to share snippets.  I am feeling a bit overwhelmed with coming back to 'life' and so even though I have been attempting to type this since Thursday night, I have yet been able to complete a real thought.  So, here are some favorite things from our trip:

1.  Going to Robber's Cave State Park on the way down where Jesse James allegedly used to hide out in between raids.  Try explaining that to your 5 year olds.  The entire time that we were there, they were looking for the robbers so that we could tell the police where they were.

2.  Our super nice cabin.  Seriously, it was heaven having our own little house that was complete with 2 bedrooms/bathrooms, a kitchen, living area, deck, and even a Playstation 2 that doubled as a DVD player.  We took food, bought a few perishables there, and ordered pizza one night and were good to go.

3.  Sleeping in every morning, having breakfast about 9:30, spending the morning in our pjs, watching movies, playing games, scrapping or reading for me.

4.  Hiking nature trails with the boys.  For some reason, William was glued to Micah and Xavier only wanted to hold my hand.

5.  Watching Micah teach the boys how to skip rocks.  I am not sure who enjoyed it more--Micah or the boys.  I was quite proud of their abilities by the end of the trip.

6.  Taking a train ride through the park and even seeing a deer.

7.  Taking the boys fishing.  Taking 5 year olds to do something like this is an adventure--Xavier wanted to sit down the whole time and would get 'tired' of watching his little bobber; William, on the other hand, had much more patience and loved every minute!

8.  Just being together as a family and Micah not having to study. 

I have a lot of pictures but decided to just pull a few favorites.

From Robber's Cave

Hiking the trails at Beaver's Bend

I love the look on Xavier's face--he was quite exultant over managing to skip a rock!

William's first fish


thehsmomof3 said…
I'm so pleased to know you had such terrific vacation. Some much needed R&R together for all of you! Thanks for sharing your fun memories. You make me want to get away soon too. =)
joelsgirl said…
Wow, Becky. Those photos are not just really great in that they capture your family so well, but they are going to be happy memory TREASURES! It looks like an awesome trip. You are very blessed, and they are blessed to have you.
Melissa said…
It looks like a PERFECT get away, and I am just so thrilled you guys were able to have such a great family experience. And I love the pics!
Monica said…
Totally awesome. And while all your pics are great, it's nice to see one of you with the boys. :)
theredpumpkin said…
I'm glad too...how nice to get away just the four of you guys and relax. I love the picture of William's first fish!
Amy said…
It sounds like you all had such a fun time and I know it was a much needed getaway for you and Micah, especially!
I am sure the boys will remember this forever. What great times!

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