Wednesday's Words

I love it when the innocence of childhood brings up interesting conversations.  Last night after some  particularly trying visits to a clothing store and two grocery stores, we were on our way home and saw this:

It was really beautiful and I pointed it out to the boys and Xavier immediately said:  "ooh, it looks like heaven!"  which then led to a discussion about heaven and whether we would recognize grandma and grandpa since we would all be getting new 'shells' when we get to heaven.  Then, we talked about the streets being gold and Xavier also wanted to know if we would be taking our white van to heaven to drive on the aforementioned golden streets. 


LaCombe said…
What a Beautiful Picture! Xavier was right and yes, we will all drive WHITE VANS, if we do drive, ha! What great boys to even think of things like that. Smart and Beautiful! So Blessed are you! Love ya Becky! Kathy
Anonymous said…
I WANT to paint that!!
Anonymous said…
Wow, what beauty, and the comments are precious! "Mom" could paint that!!
Gma E
Brian Lewis said…
Great the idea of "shells"

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