Wednesday's Words

Just a few things heard around our house recently:
  • "bro"--this is Xavier's new preferred name for his brother, as in 'hey, bro, let's go do this...'  'bro, get that...'  'great job, bro!'   I think they got the idea from these way cute shirts:
William still prefers to use the old standby  "brudder" but it never ceases to crack me up hearing 'bro'.
  • "well, we've seen you do that like a million times..."  in reference to many different things, usually while insisting that they get to do something that I am trying to do for them.  This past Saturday we were at the grocery store and they had smaller carts and so I let the boys push it together (which was much less stressful than me trying to push it while they hang on to either side).  So, as we were headed out to the car, I was telling them thank you for all their help with the cart and Xavier replies, "well, we've seen you do it like a million times, so that's how we know how." 
  • We hear a LOT of how they did this, they ate that, they went to this place 'when we were (insert random number here) years old'.  Literally, every time I fix something to eat, they ask me if they had it when they were 4 years old?  or when we are going somewhere...'did we go there when we were 3 ('free') years old?' 
  • and the most used word in our house at the moment:  "why?"   It is killing me, I am struggling with trying to decipher natural curiosity about what is going on or simply questioning every.single.thing. that we ask them to do. 
  • and from Micah:  "guess what? I don't have to study!"    We plan on enjoying lots of good family time together.


    Christine said…
    Wait... you mean the "why" gets worse as they get older?! Oh... I am not looking forward to that!

    (aka Spencer's Mama/Melissa's friend)
    Monica said…
    I LOVE their shirts! Where did you find those? And this entire post has me smiling. Why not? :)

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