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2011, Week 30


Swim Lessons

So, swim lessons have been consuming our mornings last week and this week.  I was talking to my sister earlier this week and realized that it feels like we have been in swim lessons forever and not just a week and a half.  It has been good though, I have been amazed at the improvements every single day that we have seen with the boys.  We go to a public school about 20 minutes north where every one has told that it is the place to take your kids to learn.  For the boys age, it is the high school swim coach and, bless his heart, he has a job to do--taking kids who have pretty much zero to little experience in the water and teaching them the basics.  William has not been scared hardly at all.  Xavier on the other hand--petrified.  The first lesson, he cried probably the last 20 minutes (of a 40 minute lesson).  They had to do these 'head bobs' where you go up and down into the water completely submerging your head.  He did NOT like going under water and the coach had told them t…

Wednesday's Words

It has been a long while since I did one of these, who am I kidding, it has  been a long while since I did anything regular on this ol' blog.  The boys have been so funny lately, more and more they are just developing their personalities and having conversations with them completely cracks me up.  I need to be better about recording them.

This was a conversation from a few weeks ago:

(context is that practically every meal that involves something with a seed, they want to plant it, so we can pick our own.  and since I know that this is not necessarily the house we are going to be in for the next 20 years, I normally tell them that we won't be here long enough to actually be able to enjoy said fruit)

X:  Mommy, I want you to live in this house for a long long time
W:  yeah, and when I get bigger, I am going to live next door and be your 'nay--bor'
Me:  okay, you want to live next to me when you grow up, I can deal with that
W:  yeah and I am going to have a boxer pup whe…

P365 catch up post

And this is my catch up post for my Project 365.  This was the first time this year (I think) that I have waited 3 weeks to get my pages done and I could definitely tell that I needed to get them done so that I didn't get overwhelmed and fall too far behind. 

One Thousand Gifts, the catch up edition

So, I have been maintaining my gift list, I just kept forgetting to post on Mondays and then, it was like, well, I will just post next week which turned into the next and next and now I have this super long list which does contain some duplicates, but as I was typing it up, I decided that it was okay, because I have been really thankful for those things.

This list is really for me and it is long tonight, but because so many of you thought of him and prayed for him, check out #625! As I typed these up tonight (copying from my notebook that I try to keep out or write in at least once a day), it was so good to go back and read and be reminded of those moments, things that prompted me to say 'thanks'.  God has been good and as I was reminded of all the good things I have recorded, I also noted how many more I could have written, because what do I have in my life that is good that didn't come from God?  In my women's group that is reading through One Thousand Gifts, one of …

Some Friday Facts

Yes, we are still alive, just finding no time to blog.

The boys are in swim lessons this week and next and while it is only a 40 minute lesson, it is a place about 20ish minutes away, therefore it takes up a significant chunk of time.  And seriously, swim lessons deserve their own post which one day I may get to actually write.

Just as an FYI for anyone who is wondering, if you take a 'few weeks' off of cleaning your house, like for real cleaning, and just do little touch ups, it takes a LOT longer to actually clean your house once you get around to it.  Not that this happened at my house, but I have just heard that that is what happens.

Since July 1, we have had four whole days where the temperature has not reached over 100 degrees and those temps were 95, 97, 98, and 99--not exactly much cooler, but it was surprising how much cooler 95 felt.  And this is the forecast for the next seven days:
Doesn't that just look great?  Thank the Lord for A/C and for swimming pools--be…


We have spent the last four nights at church for VBS and while it has made life pretty busy, the boys had a great time, I enjoyed getting to help out and work with new friends, and VBS is pretty much a summer ritual that we will be partaking in for the next several years! I don't know what the final count was for the number of kids that we had, but the first night there were 282 present and it seemed like that number continued to grow.  The way our church does VBS is that there are three nights of games, lessons, songs, and crafts, and the final night is Family Fun Night.  I will be the first to say that Family Fun Night last year was NOT my favorite night, partly because it came at the end of a very busy few weeks, but also because it was wild and crazy!  I was not really looking forward to it this year, but of course, the boys were pretty hyped up about it because they were going to have inflatables in the gym AND because Micah was actually going to be able to go with us.  It ki…

And I'm back...

If you have read my blog for any length of time, you probably know that I go on extended little blog breaks and eventually find my way back on here.  Well, this morning when I finally decided to log on to blogger, I discovered that everything looks differently and so in addition to trying to figure out a quick way to update the blog on the happenings of the last few weeks, I am also trying to figure out the new layout. 

Since I last posted, we have had our annual Derby Fourth of July celebration, had one day of swim lessons, made an impromptu trip to Nashville, returned to Oklahoma, started VBS, and attempted to catch up on the day to day activities of daily life.  Oh, and tried to survive the ridiculous weather.  It has been so hot and dry here that our yard has pretty much become a big patch of brown, dead grass and when it is 6 o'clock at night and the temperature is still reading 103 degrees, you know it is hot.  In fact, as we were driving to VBS last night, the temperature a…

Layouts Galore

So, here is an onslaught of layouts that I have done over the last few weeks without posting here:

Credits to all of these layouts can be found in my gallery here.

And so it begins...

The next stage of medical education is 20 months of rotations in the hospital or a doctor's office depending on which rotation Micah is in.  There is a very complicated process of making requests and trying to decide where and when you want to do certain rotations...all these 'requests' are fed into some sort of computer program which generates a report assigning everyone their rotations.  Micah was assigned Core 1 which means that the first four  months of rotations are going to be the core of his training, thus the name "Core 1"--very technical, these medical types.  So, Friday morning was his first day of rotations, he went in not knowing much of anything except to report to a certain room at 8 AM.  He made it home around 7.  It was a long day, but I think he kind of had fun.  He is on a pulmonology rotation this month during the week and since pulmonology doesn't work on the weekends, he has ICU duty.  On the weekends, you say?  Why yes, he is required to…