And so it begins...

The next stage of medical education is 20 months of rotations in the hospital or a doctor's office depending on which rotation Micah is in.  There is a very complicated process of making requests and trying to decide where and when you want to do certain rotations...all these 'requests' are fed into some sort of computer program which generates a report assigning everyone their rotations.  Micah was assigned Core 1 which means that the first four  months of rotations are going to be the core of his training, thus the name "Core 1"--very technical, these medical types.  So, Friday morning was his first day of rotations, he went in not knowing much of anything except to report to a certain room at 8 AM.  He made it home around 7.  It was a long day, but I think he kind of had fun.  He is on a pulmonology rotation this month during the week and since pulmonology doesn't work on the weekends, he has ICU duty.  On the weekends, you say?  Why yes, he is required to work 2.5 weekends this month.  Today was his half weekend--6 AM to 7 PM and he will be back at it again tomorrow.  I don't know if this was his most exciting thing that he did today, but perhaps the most entertaining for me to hear about was when his resident told him to go put on a pair of gloves and perform a tick check on a patient.  I am still laughing just thinking about it.  Micah and I both worked at SunTrust bank in Nashville and bank stories were just some of my favorites because you just always met some of the craziest (good and bad) people.  But, I told Micah tonight that I had a feeling that his hospital stories were going to completely beat out any bank stories we may have had.  While it was sad to end Micah's break, it is exciting to see him moving on and starting a new part of his education.  While I know these months  will bring their own set of challenges, I am thinking that they will be much more enjoyable for him as he begins to see all that he has studied put into practice.  Of course, I think that he is also seeing that there is a special sort of hazing that goes along with being a lowly medical student among residents and so I am praying for good residents and physicians whose desire is to actually help educate and belittle the students.

This post is probably going to have a bit of lots of stuff in it, because I have been quite the non-poster lately.  Just a warning about the randomness to follow.

Last week, we had an unexpected free evening and Micah's parents offered to watch the boys so that we could have a date night.   We had a Living Social deal to go and eat a very nice meal at a restaurant called Smoke. on Cherry Street that I was very excited about, but when I called to make reservations, they were closed for a private party.  We ended up going to what has become our favorite  restaurant  Yokozuna for sushi and even managed to be there for the happy hour for half price sushi.  I love that Micah has discovered a love for sushi.  We had so much fun and ended the evening with a movie.

When Micah left on Friday morning for work, I am admitting to a little bit of joy for the idea of getting back to a schedule, getting caught up on work that I had just been 'getting by' on, etc.  But, honestly, by mid afternoon, I had decided that I was over being back to a schedule and was missing him.  I had forgotten how lonely I sometimes get for adult companionship.  Working from home and taking care of my boys is wonderful--do not get me wrong, I am so thankful for the privilege of that and the provision of a work from home job, but it does get lonely sometimes. 

Micah's parents have a small above ground pool that we have been taking major advantage of this week.  It is seriously hot here.  Friday night I went for a walk/run at 8:15 and it was still 97 degrees--craziness.  And so for me, the pool is a way of getting out of the house and doing something that is semi-bearable.  That and the boys seriously love it.  William is becoming our little waterbaby.  We worked with them last year trying to teach them to swim and be comfortable in the water and that child is just loving it.  They are starting swim lessons on Tuesday and the coach said that it would be best if they were comfortable putting their face in the water, so we were working with them on that.  I think we are definitely seeing some of William's personality come out, because we were working with Xavier (who was seriously putting up a major fight) and I see William out of the corner of my eye, take a deep breath, close his mouth, go under and pop right back up.  Now, we can hardly keep him above water.  And Xavier still screams bloody murder.  I think that swim lessons are going to be interesting.

I have finished exactly half the year with my Project 365 and have I mentioned how much I love it? because I do.  I definitely see improvement with my photography, but there are just lots of things that I want to document, but it doesn't necessarily need an entire page all its own and so since it is part of my P365 album, I can rest content that it has been documented.  I am looking forward to finishing the year and having it printed in a book.

And, I have been scrapping, but not posting here, but I think I will make that its own post.  I think this post has been random enough!


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