Some Friday Facts

Yes, we are still alive, just finding no time to blog.

The boys are in swim lessons this week and next and while it is only a 40 minute lesson, it is a place about 20ish minutes away, therefore it takes up a significant chunk of time.  And seriously, swim lessons deserve their own post which one day I may get to actually write.

Just as an FYI for anyone who is wondering, if you take a 'few weeks' off of cleaning your house, like for real cleaning, and just do little touch ups, it takes a LOT longer to actually clean your house once you get around to it.  Not that this happened at my house, but I have just heard that that is what happens.

Since July 1, we have had four whole days where the temperature has not reached over 100 degrees and those temps were 95, 97, 98, and 99--not exactly much cooler, but it was surprising how much cooler 95 felt.  And this is the forecast for the next seven days:
Doesn't that just look great?  Thank the Lord for A/C and for swimming pools--because they are the only way that I can tolerate being outside.

Today marks the end of 14 straight days of working for Micah.  Through the week, he has been getting done anywhere between noon and five, so no complaints there, but on the weekends, they have been solid 14 hour days.  The boys are so excited about daddy having two days off of work. 

I have scrapped only once in like the last three weeks and that happened between 10:30 and 12:30 one night. I want to scrap, I just have been busy and then not finding the inspiration.  My photos have  been suffering severely too. My goal this weekend is to get caught up on P365, even though some weeks have more cell phone pics than photos from my camera.  Part of it, I think, has to do with the fact that because of the excessive heat and my aversion to paying an astronomical electric bill,  I have been keeping our house completely darkened like a tomb.  I do not like it one bit, I love natural light and it makes me kind of depressed, but keeping the blinds closed keeps some of the sun/heat out which makes keeping my thermostat at the efficiency recommendation of 78 slightly more bearable.  So, the upside is that my house stays a bit cooler, the downside is that there is little natural light which doesn't make for very pretty pictures.

And because I feel bad that I haven't shared any pictures in a while, here is one that I took a few weeks ago when I had the boys go outside and play in the morning before it got too hot.  It seriously captures my life with boys--costumes, constant motion, complete inability to stand still for a picture.
 Notice Spiderman's flipflops!
Oh and I guess I could post my lonely scrapbook layout too. I used One Little Bird's Interlude kit that is on sale this weekend:
Happy Friday!!


LaCombe said…
I remeber those days when I lived in Arkansas. No rain, above 100 for 6 straight weeks. Oh I feel for you. You are hotter than Florida and everyone says they won't live in Florida in the summer, well our 92-96 is cooler than most places now. Come for a visit and cool off. Stay cool and Prayers to you and your family! Love, Kathy
Anonymous said…
It's good to read about your life and see the boys in all their "glory"! Enjoy your weekend with Micah!
Love, mom
theredpumpkin said…
Oh, so sorry about those temperature but thankfully you have air and pools! No air conditioning here but it has been pretty cool so far and at night can be chilly. I laughed about your house comment. Since having kids my house cleaning pattern goes something like this: clean like crazy for a couple of days and stay on top of it for 2 or 3 days. Then I am exhausted for working 24 hours a day so I let it go for a week! Then I start all over again with the process. Unfortunately, tonight I MUST clean up everything. Its going to be a long night. :) I was a clean freak before kids but its so exhausting to do all that needs to be done AND clean/cook/do laundry!
Amy said…
I thought the heat was unbearable here but you've definitely got us beat! I can totally vouch for the house cleaning comments. I've been taking some weeks off too and I'm so dreading when I finally give in and have to really clean. It's going to take forever! Stay cool, dear friend! Hope we can chat soon! :)
Anonymous said…
Hey, dear ones, we got a shower here yesterday evening and temps went down 10-12 degrees quickly. Maybe you will be blessed with an unexpected break soon. Gonna "do" corn today--wish u were here to enjoy some! Love, gma E.

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