Swim Lessons

So, swim lessons have been consuming our mornings last week and this week.  I was talking to my sister earlier this week and realized that it feels like we have been in swim lessons forever and not just a week and a half.  It has been good though, I have been amazed at the improvements every single day that we have seen with the boys.  We go to a public school about 20 minutes north where every one has told that it is the place to take your kids to learn.  For the boys age, it is the high school swim coach and, bless his heart, he has a job to do--taking kids who have pretty much zero to little experience in the water and teaching them the basics.  William has not been scared hardly at all.  Xavier on the other hand--petrified.  The first lesson, he cried probably the last 20 minutes (of a 40 minute lesson).  They had to do these 'head bobs' where you go up and down into the water completely submerging your head.  He did NOT like going under water and the coach had told them to do 10 before they could leave and Xavier did two and asked if he could be done, the coach (rather gruffly) said,  "I told you to do ten!" and Xavier begins negotiations--"how about I do 3 more?"  That didn't go over so well.  Each day, we have talked about being brave, prayed asking God for courage, reminded him over and over of his verse to say when he is scared ('when I am afraid, I will trust in God')  and little by little, he has overcome those fears and I am so proud of all that they are doing.  In fact, on Monday, both of them jumped off the big diving board and swam to the side.  William is much more gung-ho about this, but Xavier does it and I know that he is scared, but he is pushing himself and it makes me proud to see what they are accomplishing.

I feel like I am facing so many of my own fears with swimming watching them at times.  I am not a strong swimmer and while I know how to swim, I don't like to put my face in the water, I can't float on my back to save my life, and honestly, the dog paddle may be the only 'stroke' that I have really mastered.  For all of these reasons, I wanted to put them in swim lessons, but when I see them struggling to learn how to float and to swim backwards and to 'trust the water to hold them up', goodness, I can relate to Xavier's tears and panic.  The coach is exactly what they need though.  He is kind of 'rough around the edges' as my friend says...he just doesn't really put up with much.  He is stern with them and makes them do what he says even if they are scared.  I have been super impressed with him and my boys have made unbelieveable strides.

I took several videos on Tuesday and have combined them all into one long video that unless you are close family, you may want to skip, because the sound quality is poor and it doesn't make for riveting watching, but I thought my parents would enjoy seeing it.    You can skip to around the 2:30 mark and see them jump in and swim to the coach in the shallower end (4 ft) and also see the energy that is my two boys on the side of the pool, then the coach is trying to figure out who is who, and finally at the very end is them jumping off the big diving board.  Notice William's exuberance and Xavier's reticence. 


Anonymous said…
Thanks Becky--loved watching.
mom and dad
Annette said…
Your kiddos are doing great! I was amazed to read that someone feels the same way I do about swimming. I suppose if I really had to I could manage something....However, I even hate being splashed in the face!! A few years and putting the boys in the pool with older friends they had to keep up with was what worked for M & L. I have a friend whose kids do the swim team in Claremore - it sounded wonderful. I'll have to tell you about it on the 10th.

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