We have spent the last four nights at church for VBS and while it has made life pretty busy, the boys had a great time, I enjoyed getting to help out and work with new friends, and VBS is pretty much a summer ritual that we will be partaking in for the next several years! I don't know what the final count was for the number of kids that we had, but the first night there were 282 present and it seemed like that number continued to grow.  The way our church does VBS is that there are three nights of games, lessons, songs, and crafts, and the final night is Family Fun Night.  I will be the first to say that Family Fun Night last year was NOT my favorite night, partly because it came at the end of a very busy few weeks, but also because it was wild and crazy!  I was not really looking forward to it this year, but of course, the boys were pretty hyped up about it because they were going to have inflatables in the gym AND because Micah was actually going to be able to go with us.  It kind of reminded me how often we have done things without Micah (out of necessity because of school) when they were over the moon excited every single time they mentioned that daddy was going with us to Family Fun Night.

The first hour was spent watching some videos of the kids each night, singing their VBS songs, and hearing a recap of what they had learned through the week.  The boys loved it and by 'loved it', I mean Xavier was screaming answers at the top of his lungs.  I have a feeling that we just might be the family that no one is going to want to sit next to someday because our boys are so loud exuberant.  I think that this little video that I took of the boys singing kind of sums up their enjoyment of the week.  And just a small disclaimer, we don't normally let the boys just stand on chairs, but they had been doing it all week since their group was in the back and so we kind of just let them go with it. And I have to say, bless their teachers Traci and Melissa for enduring putting up with their energy this week!

I think that my favorite part of the night was in the middle when they were recapping that God always listens to us and we can pray whenever and where ever and Xavier immediately says, "I love it when God listens to me" and immediately folded his hands and closes his eyes and begins to pray. Oh that he would always be that sensitive and willing to go to God in prayer!


Judy Turnbough Bailey said…
I love it! I'm glad they had so much fun this week!
Judy Bailey
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