Wednesday's Words

It has been a long while since I did one of these, who am I kidding, it has  been a long while since I did anything regular on this ol' blog.  The boys have been so funny lately, more and more they are just developing their personalities and having conversations with them completely cracks me up.  I need to be better about recording them.

This was a conversation from a few weeks ago:

(context is that practically every meal that involves something with a seed, they want to plant it, so we can pick our own.  and since I know that this is not necessarily the house we are going to be in for the next 20 years, I normally tell them that we won't be here long enough to actually be able to enjoy said fruit)

X:  Mommy, I want you to live in this house for a long long time
W:  yeah, and when I get bigger, I am going to live next door and be your 'nay--bor'
Me:  okay, you want to live next to me when you grow up, I can deal with that
W:  yeah and I am going to have a boxer pup when I get bigger too (they are FOREVER asking for a puppy, specifically a boxer pup)
X: (running over and asking his brother's face)  Hey, brudder, are you going to have a wife?
W: hmmm, well, yeah, and she is going to bring me lunch while I am work at OSU hospital
Me: and who is going to take care of your boxer pup while you are at work?
W:  my wife, she'll do that too

This conversation cracks me up for a few reasons:
  • they have recently been making comments about things that they will do or let their kids do when they get older--mostly being things that we have chosen to not let them do or not give them.  They don't normally do it or say it in a disrespectful manner, but I am wondering if we are going to have to have a discussion about that in the near future. 
  • the way you could just see it 'dawn' on Xavier to ask if he was going to have a wife and William's response and what that wife was going to be doing

Sunday night, we had a little family night and introduced the boys to SkipBo.  I have many fond memories of sitting around a table playing games together with my family and it was fun to introduce a game that we had played as kids to our boys.  For this first attempt, Micah and I just basically played each other and each had a boy to help us out. 

Throughout the entire game, Xavier kept thinking that SkipBo meant Bingo and he kept saying, "I can't wait to bingo! BINGO!! I did it!"

We were trying to explain that "skipbo" cards were wild.  I don't think we clearly communicated because as we were picking up the cards after William and I were declared Skipbo Champions, William wanted to know if those cards were 'crazy'?  I was completely confused and said, no, they are wild.  And he said , "so they act like animals and are crazy?"  I think that it was our own little rendition of "Who's on First".

I am hoping to have a swimming related post tomorrow along with a video, but check out William jumping off the big board yesterday:


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