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First soccer practice

Okay, I am going to apologize in advance for the sheer number of pictures, but I couldn't pick just one (or two).  Now, these are not going to win any photography awards, but I love how much fun they are having in each one.  From talking to my sister, apparently every soccer club is run a bit differently.  But, in our little soccer club, for this age group, there is supposed to be a maximum of six players.  I felt like our boys were a bit behind for this first practice since the other players had been having little extra practices all last season that we didn't get in on.    That, and the fact that neither Micah nor I are very athletically inclined and so we don't get out and 'play soccer' with them very much...okay, almost never.  So, when the coach had them start the practice out by 'dribbling' the ball around the edge of the field, let's just say that William got lapped.  By the end of the practice, they were definitely improving and I am sure that i…

Funny story

So, earlier last week, I decided to pull out my eyelash curler and start using it again.  I have never been a very consistent eyelash curler user, but in honor of my sister (who is a devoted eyelash curler user, but is currently taking a little hiatus due to lack of eyelashes to curl) I decided to start using my curler.  And it does in fact make a difference.  This isn't actually a beauty related post though.  We were getting ready for school one morning and William brings me my eyelash curler and asks me what it is. I tell him, but quickly follow up with 'it is not for little boys and go put it back on my bathroom counter' and continue in my search for matching socks for his brother.  As I was finishing up, I saw William from the corner of my eye head out of my room and (as only a mother can) noticed that he was acting oddly.  I walked by his room and called out to him and saw he was looking at me with this wide eyed look, so I go into his room and ask him what is going o…

One Thousand Gifts, August 30

740.Walking with a friend 741.The Psalms of Ascent 742.Aching muscles 743.A good organized soccer coach 744.Reminders of grace 745.Phone call with my mom 746.A meandering Target trip 747.Enthusiasm of little boys playing soccer 748.Sweetness of William’s broken “I love you , mommy” after discipline 749.Being married 750.The Lord is my shade…Ps 121:5..literally the I AM has come to stand beside you to aid you and His presence casts a shade on you 751.An unexpected phone call from my aunt 752.Micah home early on a Friday night 753.A lazy Saturday morning 754.Photos and the stories they hold 755.Allegra 756.An otoscope handy for  middle of the night ear checks 757.

2011, Weeks 33 and 34

Managed to get caught up on my P365 pages this weekend.  It always helps me to get out of my photography slumps to do these pages.

By the way, soccer practice was a huge hit last week and I promise a soccer post with pictures soon.

Parents' lunch

I apologize for the barrage of blog posts this week.  I had extra time to blog and catch up this weekend, so there are more posts. 

This week was set aside as a time when parents could come and have lunch with their kids at school.  Actually, we are welcome any time, but they had a special little invitation for this week, just so that new parents to the school could see how lunch time goes, see the hot lunch available, etc.  The boys were quite excited because since I was coming, they were going to get to have hot lunch.  It was fun and it was also really neat to see how the school handles lunch time and to see the boys in a bit of their 'school element'.

When it was time to leave, William was more than happy to go on to class, but Xavier got really sad and actually started crying pretty hard and clinging to my leg.  I am thankful that he loves me and misses me, but I can't remember the last time I had to leave my little one crying like that.  It also is compounded by the…


William woke us up last night crying in pain from his ear hurting.  The good thing about having a husband who is medical school is that he had an otoscope handy and sure enough, his ear was all inflamed and infected.  Since Micah is working this morning, the boys and are home for the morning.  They are set up watching a movie and I am watching the constant news coverage of Hurricane Irene. 

Last weekend, I attended a women's tea where the speaker was a pastor from Joplin whose church was all but destroyed in the tornado there this past May.  He also happened to be a chaplain in the Army and had recently spent a year in Iraq.  He shared about his Aunt Leigh who over and over again throughout his deployment had sent cards and letters saying how on specific dates and times, she had been prompted to pray specifically for him and his soldiers and it never failed to be times when they were under attack or at critical moments.  At one point, not long after a particularly difficult mortar…

Some thoughts

So, today marks one whole week that the boys have been in school.  They seem to be adjusting well, I am trying to find what my new normal looks like.  In theory, I feel like I should have all of this time to get things done, plus sit around and scrap and do fun stuff, but so far, it hasn't really worked out like that.  I know that part of it will be me just figuring out what my schedule is going to look like and getting into a rhythm.  For the last few years, I have had certain days that I do laundry, grocery shopping, and cleaning and while I am sticking with the 'one major thing' a day rule, I am changing up those days, so I am trying to figure out what that looks like for me.  I am also starting to roast coffee beans again for the company that I used to work for, so throwing that into the mix adds to that new 'schedule' I am working on.  And while I don't feel like I have all this extra time yet, I am also realizing it is because I have been catching up on w…

One Thousand Gifts, August 22

695.Freckles frozen custard 696.Tired little boys 697.Smell of freshly roasted coffee 698.Safety from storms 699.Boys’ sleeping straight through those storms 700.Hearing the boys sing along & ask to listen to a new Third Day CD—“Lift Up Your Face” and “Surrender” being their favorites 701.A reprieve from the heat 702.Laughter 703.Imagining Narnia 704.Testimony of wife of Navy SEAL killed in Afghanistan


Micah had the weekend off and we have thoroughly enjoyed having him home.  It was good for the boys to see their daddy (he's been working long hours) and I think he was able to get some much needed rest.  We managed to stay pretty busy all weekend, but not so busy that we didn't get to enjoy time together. 

Friday night, we went to a surprise party for a friend at a local Japanese steak house.  It was so much fun seeing the expressions on the boys' faces as they watched in awe the chef cook our food (and put on a show) in front of us.

Saturday morning, I headed to a women's tea at the church that we used to attend and had the best time visiting and seeing old friends.  It is always good to see smiling faces and get hugs from those that you know and love and that know you and love you in return.

Saturday night, we had one of Micah's classmates over for dinner.  Many of them have 'adopted' our boys as their nephews and so, the boys always love it when any of…

First day

EDIT:For some reason, I thought I published this yesterday morning, but just noticed that it didn't publishNot that I always expect comments, but I wondered why I was getting comments on the post from Wednesday and not this one.  It helps to actually publish it!  Anyway, here you go:

The boys started school today and if you watched the little video clips I posted yesterday, you know that they were SO excited about it.  The first thing they did when they woke up this morning was squeal "today is our first day of school!"  I had been up for a while and actually pulled out a journal and wrote some of my thoughts down.  It is so hard to believe they are old enough to be in big school.  It just feels like yesterday that we were toting around little babies.  It just goes by so quickly.  But, even though I was feeling a bit nostalgic and wondering how they would do and how the teacher would handle them, I was reminded of how much they are ready for this and honestly, as much…


So, the boys had a great first day yesterday.  They were exhausted when I picked them up and from talking to my sister and others, I think that this is pretty normal.  I was all excited to hear about their day and even took them to CherryBerry for an after school treat in hopes that we could sit and chat about their day and they were having NONE of that, they just had this glazed over look on their faces and I thought my repeated instructions to 'look at me, and talk to me and STOP watching the TV' was probably going against the whole point of the outing since I was getting pretty frustrated.  So, I left them alone figuring they would start chatting about it all at dinner and of course, that is just what they did.  I am so pleased with the school that they go to and am so thankful for their teacher Mrs. B--she has an excellent reputation and I have heard so many good comments from other parents whose kids have had her.  Plus, when I visited the kindergarten center back in the …

Wednesday's Words

All I am saying is "watch out, world, Xavier and William are on their way to kindergarten!"

My fickle heart

If you had asked me just last week how I was feeling about the boys starting kindergarten next Thursday, I probably would have looked at you and said that 'I feel bad, but honestly, I am a little excited'.   The boys are my sweet (not so baby anymore) baby boys and honestly are there words to describe how much I love them?  But, oh my, they are a bundle of energy and our house has gotten very small in the last few weeks of the hottest weather we have experienced.  I told Micah a few weeks ago and have repeated to several friends that I was looking forward to their first couple of days so much that I was planning on simply dropping them off and then coming home and sitting in my house and doing nothing but enjoying the silence. 

So, enter my fickle heart.

My nieces have been in town and my much-braver-than-I sister-in-law had offered to keep all 5 cousins (3 five year olds, a six  year old, and 11 year old) over night for a cousin sleepover.  While I knew that they would all ha…

One Thousand Gifts, 8/8/11

672.Having one of my drs in Owasso 673.Hugging the neck of my very ill friend and seeing a smile light up her face 674.Being at the Laura Story concert 675.Atmosphere of praise and worship as we sang together 676.Air conditioning 677.Accomplishing tasks to help other young women facing breast cancer 678.Hearing and joining Xavier who is belting out “my God, He was, my GodHe is, my God He’s always gonna be.” 679.My husband who is working long hard hours with no complaining 680.Cousins playing and laughing together 681.Childish abandon <

2011, Week 31

Micah's sister and her daughters were in town visiting this week and we spent any available free time with them, thus all of the cousin photos in my layout from this week.  And speaking of cousins, the boys are going to have a new cousin in February.  We were all pretty excited to find out that my little sister Elizabeth and her husband are expecting their first little one.  As my sister pointed out on her blog,  since neither she nor I will be having any more babies and my brother Matt isn't married, all the babies are going to have to come from Liz and Michael!  I love technology and my heart skipped a beat and happy tears came to my eyes when I got the ultrasound picture in a text message.  I already knew, but seeing that sweet little picture is always amazing to me.  Also, on my sister's blog, you can see a picture of Michael showing the picture to Camden and Rory. I didn't have time to record the high pitched squeal of excitement that came from my boys saying &qu…

Our Week

So, who can believe that we are almost through the first week of August?  This summer has flown by and while it isn't over yet for us, we are getting close to ending Summer 2011 and beginning a new school year.

I think the biggest news story from our neck of the woods is the heat.  It has been brutal.  We are in desperate need of rain.  While I mostly despise yard work and in summers past, Micah has been known to cut our yard fairly short in order to avoid cutting it too often, this summer heat has pretty much fried our grass and flowers, and I am hoping that all of our flowers and shrubs haven't permanently died.  The lack of rain has been so bad that there were some fires where several people lost houses and in a community not very far away, they are having severe water shortages.  It is definitely causing me to remember to be thankful for the water we have every time I turn it on.  We had a bit of a break yesterday where the high was only 104, today we are back up to almost…