2011, Week 31

Micah's sister and her daughters were in town visiting this week and we spent any available free time with them, thus all of the cousin photos in my layout from this week.  And speaking of cousins, the boys are going to have a new cousin in February.  We were all pretty excited to find out that my little sister Elizabeth and her husband are expecting their first little one.  As my sister pointed out on her blog,  since neither she nor I will be having any more babies and my brother Matt isn't married, all the babies are going to have to come from Liz and Michael!  I love technology and my heart skipped a beat and happy tears came to my eyes when I got the ultrasound picture in a text message.  I already knew, but seeing that sweet little picture is always amazing to me.  Also, on my sister's blog, you can see a picture of Michael showing the picture to Camden and Rory. I didn't have time to record the high pitched squeal of excitement that came from my boys saying "we're going to have a new cousin!!!"  That came right after I showed them the picture and they said, "what?...is that??"


Amy said…
I'm so happy for your family, Becky!! I know you guys needed some good news and what could be better than a new baby! :) Oh, and I love that bowling pose! Not sure which one it is but it is adorable!!

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