First day

EDIT:  For some reason, I thought I published this yesterday morning, but just noticed that it didn't publishNot that I always expect comments, but I wondered why I was getting comments on the post from Wednesday and not this one.  It helps to actually publish it!  Anyway, here you go:

The boys started school today and if you watched the little video clips I posted yesterday, you know that they were SO excited about it.  The first thing they did when they woke up this morning was squeal "today is our first day of school!"  I had been up for a while and actually pulled out a journal and wrote some of my thoughts down.  It is so hard to believe they are old enough to be in big school.  It just feels like yesterday that we were toting around little babies.  It just goes by so quickly.  But, even though I was feeling a bit nostalgic and wondering how they would do and how the teacher would handle them, I was reminded of how much they are ready for this and honestly, as much as it pains my heart some days to see them grow so quickly, this is really what we want for them.  If they weren't growing and progressing in life, it would bring a new set of challenges.  So, I am going to shed a tear or two because the years of them being home with just me are over, but I am going to be happy for them and excited for what the school year brings as well. 

Of course, the pre-kindergarten photo shoot about did me in, but I still managed to get a couple of cute pictures of the boys.  Thanks to my sister for the idea about the chalkboard!

I think this adequately sums up their feelings about this photo opportunity

They REALLY wanted to do this picture and it cracked me up!

We made it to school, I snapped a couple of pictures, but they were more than ready for me to leave.  In the words of Xavier, 'see you later, mommy'.  I can't wait to hear about their day!


Becky, I love all the pictures especially the one showing off their new backpacks! I'm glad that they are excited, and I'm confident it will go great! You're right, growing up is what we want them to do... this is a good thing!
Love you girl
Annette said…
That was kind of you not to put them in the same color shirt for their teacher. I love the pics - backpack especially - how silly :0)

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