First soccer practice

Okay, I am going to apologize in advance for the sheer number of pictures, but I couldn't pick just one (or two).  Now, these are not going to win any photography awards, but I love how much fun they are having in each one.  From talking to my sister, apparently every soccer club is run a bit differently.  But, in our little soccer club, for this age group, there is supposed to be a maximum of six players.  I felt like our boys were a bit behind for this first practice since the other players had been having little extra practices all last season that we didn't get in on.    That, and the fact that neither Micah nor I are very athletically inclined and so we don't get out and 'play soccer' with them very much...okay, almost never.  So, when the coach had them start the practice out by 'dribbling' the ball around the edge of the field, let's just say that William got lapped.  By the end of the practice, they were definitely improving and I am sure that in a few weeks, we will be amazed at the progress that we have made.  The coach encouraged us to bring video cameras for the first practice so that we could see the improvements.

Having a little sit down to start the practice off
doing toe touches
I love the concentration
"your goal is which way?"  we went over this a LOT!

I love this next set of pictures, all 'action shots', but just look at the smiles on those boys' faces! They were having a blast. I told Micah that even in the pictures where I couldn't see their faces clearly or just got a side shot of them, I could still tell that they were smiling.


This was after we got back home and I was trying to capture how red their faces were from playing so hard. Good times...we go back every Tuesday and Thursday!


Amy said…
Definitely not too many pictures! I love the action shots where you can see their excited faces. They look like they are having a ball!

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