Funny story

So, earlier last week, I decided to pull out my eyelash curler and start using it again.  I have never been a very consistent eyelash curler user, but in honor of my sister (who is a devoted eyelash curler user, but is currently taking a little hiatus due to lack of eyelashes to curl) I decided to start using my curler.  And it does in fact make a difference.  This isn't actually a beauty related post though.  We were getting ready for school one morning and William brings me my eyelash curler and asks me what it is. I tell him, but quickly follow up with 'it is not for little boys and go put it back on my bathroom counter' and continue in my search for matching socks for his brother.  As I was finishing up, I saw William from the corner of my eye head out of my room and (as only a mother can) noticed that he was acting oddly.  I walked by his room and called out to him and saw he was looking at me with this wide eyed look, so I go into his room and ask him what is going on.  By this time, he is starting to tear up and I am thinking that he must have tried to curl his, but that he had poked his eye and hurt himself.  So, I ask him if he is okay and what happened and he says, "it's not for little boys, can I just wait on my bed til my eyelashes are uncurled?"  Well, we were headed to school and obviously, I wasn't going to let him just 'wait' for his eyelashes to be 'uncurled'.  While he most certainly had managed to curl one set of his eyelashes, I am pretty sure that no one else would have been able to tell, but this little boy was just devastated over it (which I am counting on being a deterrent to ever do it again).  He kept asking me if we could take the 'long-cut' to school so that there would be extra time and the entire trip to school, I could tell that he was battling tears.  I tried to assure him that he was fine and that no one would notice, but I don't think he quite believed me, since that night when we were talking about his day, he told me that before school, he made sure to play by himself so that no one would see his curled eyelashes.  The whole thing just made me laugh and I hope taught him a lesson about what he should and should not do!


Annette said…
That story is definitely a keeper! I'm glad you have it written to remember when difficulties were this easy!
Joyce said…
Yes...I'm laughing! Very funny.
Christine said…
Oh my gosh... I have tears rolling down my cheeks I am laughing so hard! I love it.
joelsgirl said…
I don't know how you kept a straight face! Too cute.
LaCombe said…
What a cute story and the learning expierences that children have. Did it actually work and curl them? As above, how did you keep a straight face? Love ya, Kathy

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