One thousand gifts, August 1

I can hardly believe that today is the first of August, time just continues to fly by.  Just in case anyone was wondering, yes, it is still hot here.  This was yesterday around 4:30.  Aren't you glad to stop by my blog and get weather reports?  Note the bottom line: 'tomorrow is forecast to be warmer than today'--score!  But, as a friend reminded me last night that there are many people the world over who are enduring much hotter weather without the relief that air conditioning brings.   

I think I am going to quit looking at the weather website because I just looked at and it said that it is 110 right now....

In other news, I have spent the morning making these cupcakes and I think that may be my favorite cupcakes ever.  That peanut butter buttercream is out of this world!  Tonight, my sisters-in law along with some nieces are going to brave the aforementioned heat and attend a free outdoor concert by Laura Story.  I am really looking forward to it.

651.        Swim lessons

652.        Busy days

653.        Conversations with Xavier about heaven

654.        Having a doctor in the family

655.        Book discussion that keeps playing in my head reminding me of truth

656.        Going to bed early

657.        Boys helping clean up dinner

658.        Christ –He is everything

659.        A new life

660.        A friend who enjoys photography

661.        An impromptu zoo visit with our neighbor

662.        Bowling on a Saturday

663.        Hysterical laughter of three 5 yr olds

664.        From X:  church

665.        From W:  every weather that God makes

666.        Reminder in church of what true suffering is

667.        Christ is ALL (apparently I needed this one this week!)

668.        Small group dinner, conversation, and games

669.        Quiet mornings and a good cup of coffee

670.        An interaction with internationals that made my heart miss interaction with internationals

671.        Scar tissue and not infection



Joyce said…
Yea for #671!
Monica said…
At the gym last week someone was complaining about the heat (we're about 10 degrees cooler than you) and a girl in the class looked at them and said, "My brother's in Afghanistan. It's 120 there, and he has to wear full gear." Everyone got REALLY quiet. Made us think! Appreciate your blog, especially this week's list!

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