One Thousand Gifts, August 22

695.        Freckles frozen custard
696.        Tired little boys
697.        Smell of freshly roasted coffee
698.        Safety from storms
699.        Boys’ sleeping straight through those storms
700.        Hearing the boys sing along & ask to listen to a new Third Day CD—“Lift Up Your Face” and “Surrender” being their favorites
701.        A reprieve from the heat
702.        Laughter
703.        Imagining Narnia
704.        Testimony of wife of Navy SEAL killed in Afghanistan
705.        Men and women of our military who sacrifice to protect our freedom
706.        The grass turning green so quickly
707.        Xavier stopping to thank God for the rain
708.        Good night phone calls from the boys
709.        A full moon on the way to the airport
710.        Seeing a friend at the airport
711.        A ticket bought on ‘points’
712.        Conversations on airplanes
713.        Arriving in Nashville in 4 hours
714.        Hug from Kari at the airport
715.        A food tour of East Nashville
716.        Hugs from Camden and Rory
717.        Lunch, movie and ice cream with my sisters
718.        Shared tears with Melissa
719.        It is Well with My Soul
720.        The many who love my sister and her family
721.        A beautiful day, cool breeze
722.        Sitting outside with Michael and Liz
723.        Jumping on a trampoline
724.        Talking to the boys on the phone
725.        Little outings with Camden and Rory
726.        A ride to the airport with a friend
727.        Safe, quick flights, airplanes in general
728.        Getting to scrap on the plane
729.        Jeni’s ice cream
730.        Joyful reunion hugs
731.        The right teacher for the boys
732.        Anticipation of a new school year
733.        “see you later, mommy”
734.        a quiet house
735.        a fun hibachi dinner with boys—their first experience
736.        women’s tea at Bethany, hugs from old friends
737.        reminder of importance of prayer. Twice—on Saturday and again on Sunday
738.        family lunch
739.        Sunday naps



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