One Thousand Gifts, August 30

740.        Walking with a friend
741.        The Psalms of Ascent
742.        Aching muscles
743.        A good organized soccer coach
744.        Reminders of grace
745.        Phone call with my mom
746.        A meandering Target trip
747.        Enthusiasm of little boys playing soccer
748.        Sweetness of William’s broken “I love you , mommy” after discipline
749.        Being married
750.        The Lord is my shade…Ps 121:5..literally the I AM has come to stand beside you to aid you and His presence casts a shade on you
751.        An unexpected phone call from my aunt
752.        Micah home early on a Friday night
753.        A lazy Saturday morning
754.        Photos and the stories they hold
755.        Allegra
756.        An otoscope handy for  middle of the night ear checks
757.        Ps 130:3-4  If You Lord mark iniquities, o Lord, who could stand? But there is forgiveness in You, that You may be feared.


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