Our Week

So, who can believe that we are almost through the first week of August?  This summer has flown by and while it isn't over yet for us, we are getting close to ending Summer 2011 and beginning a new school year.

I think the biggest news story from our neck of the woods is the heat.  It has been brutal.  We are in desperate need of rain.  While I mostly despise yard work and in summers past, Micah has been known to cut our yard fairly short in order to avoid cutting it too often, this summer heat has pretty much fried our grass and flowers, and I am hoping that all of our flowers and shrubs haven't permanently died.  The lack of rain has been so bad that there were some fires where several people lost houses and in a community not very far away, they are having severe water shortages.  It is definitely causing me to remember to be thankful for the water we have every time I turn it on.  We had a bit of a break yesterday where the high was only 104, today we are back up to almost 110 again.  It makes for riveting blog reading when you get the weather report every day, doesn't it?

So, our week....Micah has started on his new rotation this week and while it is longer hours than last month, he is definitely enjoying it.  Have I mentioned that I am proud of him recently? Because I am.

We have spent some time with Micah's sister and her kids that are visiting this week.  The boys love being with their cousins.  We went bowling on Tuesday and Wednesday the four youngest cousins went to the local children's museum (Kaleidescope, for anyone local) where the boys had tons of fun especially on the rock climbing wall.  This video is their third or fourth time going up it and there was definite improvement each time.

Tuesday and Thursday nights, I was busy with activities with our local Young Survival Coalition packing some resource kits for newly diagnosed women on Tuesday night and then our monthly support meeting last night.  It is something that I know that I probably needed, but don't know that I would have had the guts to go to when I was going through treatment.  We are into our third year of meeting monthly and while I am thankful each time a woman finds our group, it breaks my heart a bit as well.  Last night, we had a young woman only 25 who was diagnosed just last week.  My heart aches for all that she is facing right now and decisions that she has to make.  I hope that we were able to give her a bit of encouragement, seeing others who have walked where she is walking and come out on the other side.

Wednesday night at church, my ladies group finished up our discussion of Ann Voskamp's One Thousand Gifts.  It was so good for me to read it again and then have the opportunity to discuss it with others and hear their perspectives on it and just be challenged once again to live my life with eyes wide open to the good gifts that are mine for the seeing every single day.

Speaking of gifts, check out these sweet boys, when did they get so big?

I scrapped this page last weekend from pictures from that same night:

Hope you have a great weekend!


The heat is unrelenting. Dennis loves working on his yard and it is so discouraging to see the heat killing everything. I hope for you and him that the effects are not permanent. I am praying for a 25 yr. old girl who was diagnosed last week. Her name is Amanda. Might be the same person who joined your group. It seems that there are too many young women being diagnosed with cancer lately. Breaks my heart.
Anonymous said…
The more I look at the boys, the more they look the same. Twins!!
But how sweet!!!
Gma E

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