Parents' lunch

I apologize for the barrage of blog posts this week.  I had extra time to blog and catch up this weekend, so there are more posts. 

This week was set aside as a time when parents could come and have lunch with their kids at school.  Actually, we are welcome any time, but they had a special little invitation for this week, just so that new parents to the school could see how lunch time goes, see the hot lunch available, etc.  The boys were quite excited because since I was coming, they were going to get to have hot lunch.  It was fun and it was also really neat to see how the school handles lunch time and to see the boys in a bit of their 'school element'.

When it was time to leave, William was more than happy to go on to class, but Xavier got really sad and actually started crying pretty hard and clinging to my leg.  I am thankful that he loves me and misses me, but I can't remember the last time I had to leave my little one crying like that.  It also is compounded by the fact that on Friday he told me that the reason he hasn't fallen asleep once during naptime at school is because he just lays there and thinks about home and it makes him sad and miss home (all of this said as he chokes back tears) about ripping my heart to shreds!  I am sure that he was immediately fine since they were headed right to recess, but it makes me realize that it is still transition time for him as well.

I, of course, took my camera and asked one of the aids to take our picture:



Beth T. said…
Great pic, Becky and I also wanted to tell you that I really appreciated your post on prayer! I, too have been reminded a lot about prayer lately!
Christine said…
This is the SWEETEST idea ever!!! I love the idea of Parents' Lunch! But poor Xavier... that must have been so tough!
Amy said…
Oh my...Xavier at naptime breaks my heart. I do love this picture of you 3!!
Anonymous said…
That is so sweet of you and the boys, all at school. Gma E.
Jane said…
Great pic! The story about the eyelash curler ... I am dying! That is such a great memory!!!!

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