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So, today marks one whole week that the boys have been in school.  They seem to be adjusting well, I am trying to find what my new normal looks like.  In theory, I feel like I should have all of this time to get things done, plus sit around and scrap and do fun stuff, but so far, it hasn't really worked out like that.  I know that part of it will be me just figuring out what my schedule is going to look like and getting into a rhythm.  For the last few years, I have had certain days that I do laundry, grocery shopping, and cleaning and while I am sticking with the 'one major thing' a day rule, I am changing up those days, so I am trying to figure out what that looks like for me.  I am also starting to roast coffee beans again for the company that I used to work for, so throwing that into the mix adds to that new 'schedule' I am working on.  And while I don't feel like I have all this extra time yet, I am also realizing it is because I have been catching up on work that was slightly neglected, oil changes, walking with a friend (yay!), roasting 80 lbs of coffee on Tuesday, etc.  I know that it will all work out in the end and we will all find our routine.

Tonight, we start soccer practice as well.  In the spring, the boys were in the extremely recreational program that was just an hour on Saturdays with no real games, just a fun introduction to the sport.  This year, we have graduated to twice a week practices, only six on a team, uniforms and cleats, and actual games on Saturdays.  They are excited to start and I am thinking that they will be completely worn out after practices.  I am thankful for their coach who is just a dad, but who has done this coaching thing with his two older sons and then his youngest son is on the team.  If we continue with soccer, they will stay on the same team with the same coach until they are 11.  Their coach is great with the kids and he is super organized which is nice for us parents!

I have been feeling very uninspired to take pictures, so one of my goals for the coming week is to find some inspiration and keep taking pictures. I am so far into the year, I do not want to fall behind on my Project 365, but I am struggling with thinking that my pictures recently are so boring.  Also, I find that with the boys gone the majority of the day, I don't have as much to take pictures of.  I am hoping that soccer practice tonight provides me with some good photography practice opportunities as well.

Finally, my heart has just been kind of heavy this week as I think about so many that are close to me or that I know that are dealing with difficult situations.  I was really challenged over this past weekend about prayer and I want to be a faithful prayer warrior for others as so many have been for me.

I have zero pictures to share today, but while I was perusing my google reader last night since I was having trouble falling asleep, I watched this powerful video and thought I would share it:

This was grace - short film from Andrew Laparra on Vimeo.


Judy Turnbough Bailey said…
Very powerful and moving video! We truly never know what others are going through in their daily lives. Our son-in-law had cancer twice, our daughter was diagnosed with Multiple Sclerosis four years ago, and one of their children has a form of autism so the pain and the challenges of this family really touches me. To watch this couple speak of their faith through it all has blessed me tremendously. There IS hope! I will pray for this family. Thanks for posting it, Becky.
Monica said…
thanks for the for the photographs...ummm....all things coffee. Do you have any idea how many shots of coffee related photos there are on istock and other sites for purchase? Take your camera when you walk. The unusual spots in the sidewalk, on the side of the road,squirrels...the world is your subject, just waiting for you to shoot! They may not have the emotional pull your boys do, but it's marvelous, just the same. Look forward to seeing what you come up with.
Joyce said…
What a great testimony of faith. Thanks for sharing.
Vicky said…
Wow, I have shivers from watching this video. This was but also IS grace and very powerful to watch. So glad you shared :) I often wonder, how I will re-pay by prayer or what have you, all those praying for me now :) I still don't know...

Enjoy the soccer season! I love watching my kiddos play sports :)

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