Wednesday's Words

  • Xavier: "mommy, when is summer going to be over?"
  • William: "I am READY for winter"
  • Earlier this week, Xavier was giving us a VERY detailed description of card game (talking kings and queens) and "if you don't have one of those then, you say 'gold-fish'"  at this point, I clued in that he must be talking about Go Fish, but nope, he was very insistent that it was goLD fish that he played with Sophia at Uncle Sean and Aunt Jill's house.

We did end up making it to the concert on Monday night (see camera pic below).  It was very warm as you can imagine, still like 106 or so at 8 or 9 PM.  It was still good and I was thankful that I got to go.  Ever since I heard her CD and have been looking at videos of her online, I have felt like she is so familiar to me.  Well, she mentioned on Monday that she was from South Carolina and used to sing and play with a group called Siler's Bald.  And it finally clicked!  When I was in college and later for my one semester at CIU, I attended something called the GO (Global Outreach) conference that was always held in Georgia and was this really awesome weekend of worship, teaching, and encouragement for global outreach.  And Siler's Bald lead worship at least 2 of the conferences that we went to.  For some reason, I still think about that band and GO conference when I hear the song "Shout to the North".  Anyway, it was a good very worshipful concert, ending with the crowd singing "I Love You, Lord" which I haven't sung in many many years.  Good reminders of God's great love and care for us, His children.


Monica said…
Thanks for posting the link to Shout to the North....awesome song! And I love the goldfish story! :)
thehsmomof3 said…
I came THIS close to going to that concert. In the end cooler heads prevailed (no pun intended), and we decided that the heat was too much at the end of a long day. So glad it was a great evening. Maybe next time. =)

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