Micah had the weekend off and we have thoroughly enjoyed having him home.  It was good for the boys to see their daddy (he's been working long hours) and I think he was able to get some much needed rest.  We managed to stay pretty busy all weekend, but not so busy that we didn't get to enjoy time together. 

Friday night, we went to a surprise party for a friend at a local Japanese steak house.  It was so much fun seeing the expressions on the boys' faces as they watched in awe the chef cook our food (and put on a show) in front of us.

Saturday morning, I headed to a women's tea at the church that we used to attend and had the best time visiting and seeing old friends.  It is always good to see smiling faces and get hugs from those that you know and love and that know you and love you in return.

Saturday night, we had one of Micah's classmates over for dinner.  Many of them have 'adopted' our boys as their nephews and so, the boys always love it when any of them come over.  And I like feeling like our home can be a little bit of a respite for those who don't have family in town.

I managed to scrap about swim lessons and get one P365 page done, but let me just say that the last couple of weeks have been a bit rough with the photography and my phone pictures are making more of presence than I want them to and I am hoping to re-commit to taking good photos over the next few weeks. 

And there you have a recap of our not so exciting weekend! 



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