Happy End of the Week

I was SO looking forward to this weekend until I got a text from Micah this morning letting me know that he was mistaken and he has to work this weekend while we thought that it was next weekend that he had to work.  Not necessarily a big deal, just that we happen to have a crazy busy weekend this week.  The boys first soccer game, a friend's son playing in a football game in our town, two 1-year old birthday parties, church and first small group of the fall.  I was looking forward to at least doing all of that with Micah, but looks like the boys and I are going to be hanging out together.  Oh, and they have a little ice cream party at school this afternoon that I get to help with--so should be a fun day.

I can't really think of anything exciting going on other than our day to day stuff.  I did make a trip to Lifeway Christian Store yesterday to pick up some more workbooks for our Wednesday night Bible Study group.  We are doing Beth Moore's Stepping Up Through the Psalms and I am really looking forward to diving into it.  I should know better than to go to a bookstore without the boys to keep me on task, I think I spent almost an hour there and walked out with my workbooks, 3 CDs and this book (which was a complete impulse buy, but since I just finished up Sacred Parenting, I needed a new parenting boys book...or that is how I justified it).  And my CDs were all on sale and I am loving them. 

I took this picture of William a few weeks ago.  Xavier was not cooperating and was literally running away from me instead of letting me take his picture.  I am just always in love with their sweet blue eyes.

Hope you have a great weekend!


Amy said…
Oh those blue eyes...they're gonna be heartbreakers!!
LaCombe said…
What a sweet beautiful face and I have always loved those blue eyes. They sparkle in every picture. To let you know, my toes are now teal! Not my favorite color., so will sport them for two weeks and then two weeks in Sept will do the pink. Pink not my color either, but the pink I have also glows in the dark. Always Praying for you and thinking of you. Love, Kathy

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