Nature Hike

Last fall, I had the idea that I wanted to find a nature trail where I could take the boys to 'hike' occasionally. I have so many good memories from when I was a kid that we would go and walk on trails and I thought that the boys were big enough that they could enjoy it as well.  I asked around and found out about one not far from here, but never managed to make it out there.  When I knew that Micah was going to be home on Monday and the fact that the weather has decided to be absolutely beautiful this week, I suggested that we head up there for a little bit of a hike.  After we went on some trails on our little vacation this summer, I knew that the boys would be excited and as soon as I mentioned it, they were ready to go!

Taking pictures in bright sun or with lots of trees giving crazy shadows proved to be rather tricky, but we had the best time and I am so glad that we got to do it and will definitely be heading back again.


heading out
The boys requested that this be my picture of the day
check out our little friend that we found along the way
sweet William
We saw some friends there and so we managed to get a family picture from the day!

It was fairly cool out when we arrived, but it definitely warmed up by the time that we finished, thus the carrying of the sweatshirts for the boys. It also kind of made me sad because there were already so many dead leaves on the ground.  It has just been so hot and dry this year that I am doubtful that we will have a very pretty autumn.  The snake was not in a hurry at all and the adults very 'bravely' allowed the boys to watch as it meandered across the path.  After we had gotten past it, Xavier said, "I do NOT like snakes" either, buddy!!  They loved it and it is always good to get out and just be outside together.


Amy said…
What a beautiful place!! Sounds like a great day with all 3 of your guys!
Melissa said…
Seriously? You have so many good memories from nature hikes from our childhood? Clearly we had a different childhood. LOL

Love these pics, though.
thehsmomof3 said…
We hiked that same trail many times when the kids were little. Sweet memories for me since I always wanted to do those types of things with my kids. Charlie still takes them, and they love it. So glad you took the time to make a great memory in God's creation. Makes the most of those times!=)
- Sherri

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