I have discovered that I struggle do everyday, mundane tasks when I am worried/concerned particularly in recent months as I have been watching my sister walk the cancer journey.  Especially in the weeks following her diagnosis, I remember feeling like going about my everyday life was somehow not honoring her--as in how could I do normal/everyday things when her whole world had been turned upside down.  Of course, I learned by watching her (as I have for so many things in life) to just keep going, that not every conversation or blog post had to be about cancer, that cancer was a part of life, but it didn't mean that life didn't keep going on.  On Friday, she got some disappointing news that we were not really expecting which means that she will have to start a new chemotherapy regimen on Tuesday and again I found myself not knowing how to just go on, how to start a blog post about our weekend which has been good, but feels bittersweet when my heart is just aching for my sister, brother in law, and niece and nephew.  But, when I woke up this morning, this was her blog post and so again I find myself learning from her.... 

Our weekend:
We started Saturday out by meeting our college friends Kim and Jeremy and their kids (along with Jeremy's brother and his kids for a total of 5 adults and 9 kids) for breakfast at IHOP.  I am pretty sure they might have been happy to see us go.


From there, we dashed off to a soccer game, which we barely won. I took some pictures and some video that I have yet to look at....which reminds me that I don't think I have blogged about soccer games yet, only practice. Suffice it to say, it needs its own post and after this season, I am pretty sure I am going to have approximately 15,000 photos of soccer games (give or take a few). The boys and I came home while Micah headed to the airport to pick up some very dear friends of ours who were in town for some meetings. We have been friends with them since before Micah and I got married and their kids have grown up so much in that time. The boys of course thought that McGwire was there sheerly for them to play with and he was a good sport and played a LOT with them.

And no, Xavier is not really looking at the camera, but at least he has a pleasant look on his face.

Their parents had a meeting, so Micah and I took the kids to our church where they were having a family night event with Keith Coast--a Christian magician, illusionist, comedian. It was fun and the three boys definitely had a great time. His big 'trick' at the end was putting himself completely inside a balloon and there are about 15 things wrong with this picture technically, but I love how all three boys were pretty much doing the same thing:

There was a lot of laughing going on, let me tell you. And since I am sure you are wondering how a man puts himself inside a balloon. This is what that looks like:


We stayed up way past our bedtime laughing and talking with friends and loving every minute of it since we never get to see them.

Today was Micah's dad's birthday, so we went to church with them and then out to lunch afterwards. The boys love to make cards for people and this was them 'explaining' their cards to their Pa Pa.


And finally, we had another soccer game this afternoon (to make up the one that got rained out last weekend). We won handily this time and the coach asked me to take a team photo for a thank you for the company that is sponsoring our team (i.e. paying for their jerseys).

Wait, did I say finally?  Because we are getting ready to head to small group for our church in about 30 minutes.  I guess we had just a few things going on this weekend!


LaCombe said…
Becky I am so sorry for your news about your sister. My Prayers and Love go out to you and her! God is in control, but I know how hard it must be. Continued Prayers always. Love, Kathy
Vicky said…
I've been praying for your sister and for you... such heavy news to shoulder. And yet, as I look through your photos, there is so much life here! And you are honoring life when you choose to live in the moment, despite how hard those moments can feel.

Love and blessings to you!
Joyce said…
Loved all the pictures and reading your thoughts. Love you.
Amy said…
You guys did have a busy weekend but sounds like a fun one!! And, you know, I have always wondered if a man could fit himself inside a balloon...amazing!! :)

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