Teal Toes

Since I am a breast cancer survivor, I know full well that October is breast cancer awareness month.  It seems like everywhere you look, it is pink pink pink.  And while I am all about promoting awareness of a very serious disease, to be honest, October is not my favorite month of the year, it just brings a LOT of memories and realities to the surface all. month. long.

What you may not be aware of is that September is Ovarian Cancer Awareness month and this year, ovarian cancer became a subject way more important in my life as I have watched my sister battle courageously against this horrible disease.  She finished up her last scheduled treatment this past Thursday and we are trusting and praying and waiting to hear the results of her CT scan on the 22nd.

Over the weekend, she called and told me that there was a website called Teal Toes that is encouraging everyone to paint their toes teal in an effort to raise awareness about ovarian cancer.  Like 'pink' is the official color of breast cancer, teal is the official color of ovarian cancer.  You should definitely check out their site, there is a ton of great information about ovarian cancer, the symptoms, why it is so often misdiagnosed and how important early detection is. 

Melissa wrote a great post about it which you can find here and even hosted a giveaway (which is sadly closed now, so sorry about missing out on that), but I loved reading all the comments and the number of people who were planning to paint their toes teal for the month of September.  It is a great way to at the very least begin to raise awareness about this disease. 

I am committing to wearing my teal toes proudly throughout the month of September.  As an added bonus of it not being a normal color that I wear, I tend to notice it a little bit more which also serves as a reminder to me to say a prayer for my sister and others who are facing this diagnosis. 

You can read more about ovarian cancer at the Ovarian Cancer National Alliance.


LaCombe said…
I am having a pedicure today and I am getting my toes painted teal for your sister and all that have or had ovarian cancer and next month pink for you and all that have or had breast cancer. You are an inspiration to me and I am so Blessed to have meet you. Need you to come to Florida for a visit. Miss you bunches. Prayers for you and your sister! Love, Kathy
Amy said…
Hey! I just did a post about teal toes on my blog! You're right...it's such a great reminder to pray!

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