Thursday's Randomness

Just a little update about Xavier:  I emailed his teacher that night and she said that she talked to him after I left and she could tell that he had been upset, but that after a few minutes, she said "I don't think your mommy would want you to be sad, why don't you run and play and maybe that will get your mind off of it." and off he went and she never saw another tear.  That is pretty much what I figured would happen, but you never know...

Big day for my sister Melissa today.  It is her last scheduled chemo treatment.  I didn't realize I was so emotional about it until I sat down to write that.  She has had a rough time, but through it all has amazed me with her humor and positive outlook and constant choosing to see the good. 

I had two doctors appointments this week myself and am thrilled to say that they were good, no problems, no abnormalities, no changes.  Exactly the kind of appointments that I like to have.  Even my bloodwork that had come back elevated 3 months ago was back to normal.  We are still monitoring it monthly, but you know, I will take 'normal' every chance I get.  I will say that after having an appointment with my surgeon on Tuesday and bloodwork and the oncologist yesterday, last night I was just emotionally wiped out and feel like I always completely underestimate how much emotional energy those appointments take out of me.

Since we talked about prayer earlier this week, I would love for you guys to remember several women that I know who are dealing with very serious cancer issues right now.  Some of them are friends from real life, some are online people I have gotten to know, and some from my Young Survival Coalition group...all of them are dear to my heart and I am asking God for miracles in their lives.

I love this pic from soccer the other night, they are going to start doing a cheer at the end of each practice.  Also, I am loving the sunflare-ish type of lighting  that I am getting during soccer practice!



Monica said…
YES!!!! HOoray for normal results! :) So happy for you!
Vicky said…
Yay! Celebrating normal with you! I have a friend who is a nurse and bc survivor and she says after two years she still starts to become almost post traumatic when she goes in for regular appointments... the intensity of those emotions just kind of imprint us, don't they?
Melissa said…
LOVE this picture!
LaCombe said…
Praying for you, your sister and all your friends! God answers Prayers and He is SO GOOD!!! Love ya Becky, Kathy

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