Catching up

Yes, we are still alive.  

No, I haven't forsaken the blog.

Yes, I considered (still considering) giving it up all together.

No, I obviously didn't do that.

Yes, fall seems to have finally arrived in our little town.

No, there have not been any sightings of beautiful fall colors.

Yes, my boys are still cute.

No, they have NOT stopped moving. 

Yes, my parents came for a visit.

No, I have not posted (much less processed) any photos from that trip.

Yes, we have had other guests since then.

No, we do not currently have any guests.

Yes, Micah is working nights on OB/GYN service this week.

No, there have not been any babies born on his watch this week.

I can't think of any more yes and no statements. 

I have every intention of processing photos from my parents' visit and a multitude of other photos in the next couple of days and posting them.  We have just been kind of crazy busy and I have discovered that when I get crazy busy, I get a wee bit crazy stressed and word on the street is that I am not so much fun when that happens (go figure!).  Things are starting to settle in a bit, although tomorrow is a field trip (and yes, I am going) and then Friday are parent/teacher conferences and the boys are off of school, and did you know that the end of next week is practically the end of October, which means that it will be November and the holidays?  And.....I am like FOUR weeks behind on my P365 which means I am in serious danger of being scared by the daunting task of catching up, so I really MUST find time for that soon. 

Other than crazy life, we are good.  Thanking the Lord for silly boys, sweet friendships, a husband that loves me, and continued assurance of His love and presence in our lives. 

Back tomorrow with photos.....maybe.....


Marilou said…
Take your time! Blogging is for YOU, so do it when it feels right. No stress. (But I'm glad to see you back!)
Monica said…
I was looking for the "like" button to Marilou's statement, then realized this wasn't Facebook!
Vicky said…
You know, I always find when I am really busy "living" then blogging just naturally takes a back seat. For me it ebbs and flows and if I let it do just that, the fun and the reward in it comes back again and then I can't stay away.
Amy said…
So glad to read an update! I hope you don't stop blogging but I've also considered it. It often seems like just one more thing on the "to-do" list. Your statement that the boys haven't stopped moving brought a smile to my face because now I can totally relate to that statement. My busy boy never stops either!!

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