Officially caught up, 2011, Weeks 40-42

I think I might have a fever....I have found myself watching 3 of the 5 World Series games.  Apart from the Olympics, I don't know when I have followed a sporting event, certainly not since we have been married.  Back in high school and some in college, I was an avid basketball fan--there were many a lively viewings of the NBA finals back when the Bulls, Pistons, and Lakers were in their heydays  (typically, all of the siblings in my family were passionately rooting for different teams).  In baseball, we have all been pretty hardcore St. Louis Cardinals fans and so I guess that is what has been drawing me to the games.  Tonight, it is giving me an opportunity to catch up all the way on Project 365.  It feels good and at the same time is slightly alarming to me that we have completed week 42 of this year.  Is it alarming to anyone else that there are only 10 weeks remaining to the year.  Pretty hard to believe, if you ask me.

Anyway, here are weeks 40-42 of our year:


Annette said…
Very nice photos. I love the ones of your parents with the boys. I saw the ones of them with R & C on Melissa's blog too.
Monica said…
alarming is an understatement...where HAS this year gone?

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