A ridiculous amount of pictures.

I am just warning you that this post contains a ridiculous amount of pictures, but I couldn't narrow them down, and I decided that even if no one else cares, my mom will appreciate them.

Yesterday was a beautiful day and so we decided to try out a new (to us) nature area close to our zoo.  I was pleasantly surprised to find a really nice nature center building and a large variety of trails.  The boys loved it!

We were looking out over a pond and I kind of thought our reflections were kind of cool
Our trusty guide with the map

This picture is very important. I was trying to get a picture of Micah and Xavier playing which wasn't super successful, but as I was reviewing my pictures on my camera screen and walking to where they were, I heard Micah scream out "oh boy, big black snake!"

Exhibit A:  Big Black Snake  (unfortunately, I am not very adept at adjusting my settings in order to capture wildlife....this was the best one that I got as we all single file side stepped past this beast)
Honestly, the whole thing was kind of hilarious because neither Micah nor I are very brave when it comes to reptiles and as we kept walking, we were all a bit jumpy and Micah said something to the effect of "I am not sure what has me more freaked out...the fact that we saw the snake or that I stood for so long with my back to it!"  He and Xavier had walked on down the trail while I was taking some pictures of the lake and William and in the picture above where he and Xavier are playing, they are literally right in front of the snake.

William picked up that stick at the beginning of our trek and held on to it the entire time.  As you can see, he is very proud of it.
I love this 'action' shot--Xavier had spotted a spider and was trying to point it out to William

In the nature building, the boys dutifully listening to Micah read to them about a very old tree.
After the hiking, we headed to another part of the park that had playground equipment for a picnic and some playground fun.  I am not sure which of the three boys had more fun!

I included this picture because Xavier (on the right) is making a face that OFTEN shows up on William's face and I don't know that I have noticed that he makes that face too.
Check out the look of surprise on Micah's face:  he almost flipped them over backwards!

It was a super fun day.  So thankful for it. 


Vicky said…
loved every single picture :) Happy you decided to just include them all. Those boys are so full of personality and you captured their expressions so well! Sounds like a great outing!
Joyce said…
Loved seeing the pictures--I may to get copies of some of them. Looks like a fun day!
Christine said…
There are so many good pictures here! That one of the boys holding hands melts. my. heart. though...
Amy said…
The boys look so tall in these pictures! They're growing up too fast!

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