some promised pictures

Back in the first week of September, my sister emailed me and said that she had at the last minute signed up for a photography class that she had been wanting to take for a couple of years and that she had told me about numerous times.  Five minutes after she sent that email, she sent another one that said, 'wanna take it with me?'  Regardless of the fact that I had not planned on taking another photography class (not that I thought I knew everything, just that I was busy, etc.), the thought of being able to do a class together with my sister (who has pretty much inspired any and all interest that I have had in digital scrapbooking and photography) proved to be a great catalyst for me to quickly push the purchase button myself.  So, along with the craziness of life, I have been knee-deep in an attempt to learn more about my camera, to improve my photos, and to do the weekly photography assignments. I am super super super impressed with Karen Russell the photographer that teaches the course.  She has spent an incredible amount of time putting the information together, making her website user friendly, making herself available to answer questions on the forum, it is just a really great class and I don't think I could say enough good things about it.

I am learning a lot, but at the same time, I feel like all my pictures are also worse at the same time.  I think that when you are spending a significant amount of time learning about the rules of composition and depth of field and reading critiques of your photos as well as others, it just starts to get depressing for me as I look at the photos that I have taken and all I see are the mistakes that I have made.  So, it has been this process for me (that I am STILL working through) to be able to look at a photo that I have taken and recognize all the technical errors, but still be okay with it because it is what it is....which is a record of our life. 

With that being said, I was going through the photos from my parents' visit and of course am seeing bad photo after bad photo after bad photo, or maybe I should say I am just frustrated with the photography mistakes that I made that particular day.  So, I present to you, my favorite 'bad' photos of the day:

The boys with my dad...notice their bundle of sticks that they REALLY wanted to take in for show and tell the next day.  By the end of our jaunt, we had convinced them to look for the different types of nuts found there.
I love my mom.
I love that my boys love their grandpa.

I love this picture mostly because you can tell that BOTH boys are talking to my dad.
This was them pretty much then entire time we were there.
William and his grandma
and the token "creature" that we found while on our nature hike


LaCombe said…
What great pictures of you and your Mom! I think of you often and Pray for you daily. Praying for your sister as well. Love, Kathy
Annette said…
You're getting great use out of those trails - I still want to make it out. Photos are a great treasure to wondeful time spent.

Doesn't your Dad know he should have a blue shirt on instead of that red one? Lol.
Monica said…
WHAT? You mean sticks aren't glorious enough for show and tell? :) Love your photos!
Christine said…
It's funny... last week I was complaining to Melissa that I think my photos got worse with my photo class too. I was worrying about all these things I hadn't had to worry about before... and messing other stuff up! Ugh. She told me that it gets better once you start shooting without an assignment looming. I hope she's right! :-)

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