Wednesday's Words

Recently heard around our house:
  • "What did you learn in church?" -- the boys are quite accustomed to hearing 'what did you learn about in Sunday School, etc.' from us, but in recent weeks, we have been getting the third degree from both boys about what we learned in church.  In fact, one Wednesday night as I was working with the boys on their memory verses and homework for that night's church, William wanted to know specifically what I had learned about in my Bible study the previous week.  It is pretty sweet and I love the opportunities to share what I am learning as well.
  • One night last week while I was putting the boys to bed, they had asked me if they could call their daddy and tell him good night, so I went to get my phone.  As I was heading back down the hallway, I heard Xavier say, "I love you, bro.....I just, I just care about you."  Seriously melted my heart.
  • Our van has a 6 CD changer in it that is currently filled with a variety of albums (Casting Crowns, David Crowder Band, Christy Nockels, The Barlow Girls, Laura Story, and Third Day) and I get cracked up every time we get in the car, because they know which specific songs from each album that they want to hear.  So, as soon as we get in the van, I start hearing "can we listen to 3, 2 (disc 3, song 2)? I want to hear 6, 10....etc."  I am constantly amazed at their ability to hear music and almost instantly know the lyrics...they definitely take after their father in this respect.  Their favorite this week is My Own Worst Enemy from the Casting Crowns new CD.
  • This one from Micah:  "I am so ready for this month to be over with"  To say that he is not enjoying his OB/GYN rotation just might be the understatement of the day.

And because there are words on my scrapbook pages, I am including a few of them that haven't made it to the blog:


Jill said…
Enjoyed "catching up" with you and your sweet family. As for Micah, at least he knows one field he DOESN'T want to go into. Any ideas yet which one he does?

As always, praying for your sister. Love to you all.

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