I made a surprise trip to Nashville last Friday to visit with my sisters.  I plan a more in depth blog post at some point, but if you want to see a video and a picture or two, you can head to my sister's blog

Today, I have to make a choice to be responsible and actually work on reclaiming my house that was somehow destroyed while I was away.  Maybe it was the earthquakes.....

And also, the choice to catch up on paperwork from the job that actually pays the bills.  Working for my father in law is a huge blessing, allowing me the freedom of being gone and working from home. So, today, I think I had better make a good choice and get some work done.

I wanted to share a link with you though to a facebook event created by a friend of our family (I hope that the link will take you there).  He explains his reasons on the page, but he has organized a day of prayer for Melissa tomorrow 11/11/11. 

Would you consider joining together with us as we ask 
the God who made heaven and earth to heal my sister?  


Vicky said…
Oh Becky, I'd be honored to pray! I just love this photo of the two of you and I hope you know how often I think of you. Sending love and healing prayers your way!
Judy Turnbough Bailey said…
I'm praying daily for Melissa (along with Brian, Camden and Rory) - will continue to keep her before God!
Amy said…
Defintely will be praying!! As I said on Melissa's blog, this picture needs to be framed!! You both are so beautiful!
Christine said…
What a wonderful concept for an event. I love it! And I LOVE that photo of you and Melissa... so beautiful!

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