Long Day

So, last Friday was a very long day.  As in, a very long day.  I woke up at 4:15 (i.e. the middle of the night) and realized that it was going to be about 19 hours before I actually made it to where I was headed--surprising Melissa.

A little background:  I am always up for a trip to Nashville, but a few weeks ago I got it in my head that I wanted to surprise my sister for her birthday like she had surprised me four years ago.  I thought about telling her about my upcoming visit so that we could both anticipate it, but ended up deciding that the fun of the surprise was going to be better.  So, I spent the week before I left trying to get things done around the house and also to not slip up and say something to Melissa about seeing her that weekend.

It turned out that I had an early morning flight, but couldn't surprise Melissa until late that evening because they had tickets to see the musical Wicked at the performing arts center.  My sweet friend Dana picked me up at the airport and together we went and had lunch with another friend.  Then, Kari and her little girl collected me and we headed out to do what we call 'pilfering' (basically driving around, stopping wherever our fancy strikes, finding deals, etc.)

My pilfering buddies :)

This particular day, we had plans to figure out the best signage for the big surprise for Melissa that night and I have to say that I think we did pretty well.  Later that night, I realized I should have taken pictures all along the way in order to document, but alas, that didn't happen.   We had a great afternoon/evening which went by way too quickly.   At one point, I started to feel like I was at an all night lock in and I got that jittery feeling from being up and moving for way too many hours....I am obviously not as young as I used to be.  We had dinner with my younger sister that night and then Kari and I made the final preparations for surprising Melissa. 

By the time we made it to TPAC, parked right next to Melissa and Brian, and made our way in to the lobby, I was starting to get pretty giddy and nervous and excited. We made sure to take a picture of me in place before all the people started coming out.  I can't tell you how many slightly inappropriate comments I got about "the party's here" sign--it was Kari's idea and completely cracked me up!  (the frame we got from Goodwill for 99 cents--isn't it awesome?)  We took the picture with my phone and then posted it to Facebook before they were even out of the show.  It was so much fun to wait and then see Melissa's face  as she realized who was standing there.  I think her exact words were "what are you doing here?"

So, yes, Friday was a long day, but it was so worth it!

I wanted to go to celebrate our birthdays together, but also to spend some time scrapping and talking photography/editing pictures and such and we got to do just that. We spent my birthday shopping and ended with going to see a movie with our other sister.  And Wednesday, we loaded up in the car and she took me back to the airport.

It wasn't quite long enough, it never is. And there might have been a tear or two shed on the sidewalk in front of the departing flights sign.

But I have to say that when I made it back Wednesday night, I got the absolutely sweetest hugs from my boys...I think they might have missed me!


Jane said…
So glad you had a good trip!
thehsmomof3 said…
I am so pleased that you were able to surprise Melissa. How fun! And what a sweet gift. Do you two share a birthday?
Christine said…
I love that you were able to do this! What a fun, sweet surprise!
Amy said…
I'm so glad you were able to surprise her!! I loved reading about all of the behind the scenes details! I know you had a wonderful time together!

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