One Thousand Gifts, One Year Later

Last year on November 29th, I wrote this post sharing the beginning of my journey to writing down one thousand gifts from God.  Tonight, I am going to be posting my finished list of one thousand gifts. I have done a lot of thinking about the process as I have come down to these last few days.  I certainly didn't know last year what this year would hold, but as I have worked at the discipline (sometimes more successfully than others) of naming the many many graces that come my way every single day, I can see clearly how God has used this in my life to constantly remind me to look to Him, the giver of all good gifts.   I will definitely keep recording my gifts, but don't know that I will always list them all out on my blog, partly because I know that there will be times that I want to be more specific, but can't necessarily on a public blog. I want to keep posting some though, because it is always an encouragement to me to read others' lists and I hope in some way that reading my gifts spurs another on to look for the gifts in their own life.

982.        A grandpa for my boys who willingly takes them to feed the horses
983.        Photo recovery software
984.        Sweet giggles and hugs from the boys
985.        Gas for $2.95
986.        A kind doctor for Micah
987.        Scriptures that come readily to mind
988.        Antibiotics for Melissa
989.        Freshly roasted coffee
990.        “angels we have heard on high…”  sung by the man ringing the bell for the Salvation Army outside Sam’s
991.        reading about a Compassion International trip to Ecuador by one of my favorite bloggers
992.        getting the Christmas Card done
993.        starting the Jesse Tree Advent devotionals as family
994.        the quiet in the house as I remember the giving of thanks this year
995.        “Threshold of Glory” by Selah  “magnificent one, merciful judge…omnipotent one, almighty friend, You are always just, You are always good”
996.        His constant presence in  the moments….even the ‘kids-are-driving-me-crazy’ moments
997.        Xavier
998.        William
999.        Micah
1000.     My Father, forever gracing me with gifts big and small, He truly does satisfy my years with good things (Ps. 103: 5)


Amy said…
I'm so proud of you, Becky! I fell off the wagon sometime after Lukas came home but have already decided that it's my goal for 2012. Thanks for sharing your list each week. It's been such a blessing!
Annette said…

Yay! - Thanks for sharing and may God continue to pour His blessings out on you and your family.
Anonymous said…
Congratulations on completing the thousand gifts. It has been a blessing to read your thankfullness. Love you, Mom
LaCombe said…
Hope you had a great Thanksgiving and will have a Very Merry Christmas season and Great New year! You are Blessed with health and family and I am to know you and you inspire me! Thank You! Love and Prayers, Kathy
thehsmomof3 said…
Wow! 1000 Gifts! Excited with you, Becky....And keep blogging!
- Sherri
theredpumpkin said…
That is wonderful Becky! What an accomplishment! I am inspired to do the same and while I have gotten better to think about those gifts I don't always write them down. I'm hoping the new app will help me better at that!

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