Wednesday's Words

When the boys got in the car this afternoon, they were very insistent on the fact that after their Thanksgiving Feast on Friday, they were going to nine weeks off of school.   An email from their teacher this evening informing parents that we will be off for nine days and to please remember to work on the letters and sounds that they have been diligently learning.

We were eating lunch one day and I had given them a pear for 'dessert' and Xavier was asking why we were eating pears and William pipes in with "because they're the yummiest part of meal, that's why!"

I am not sure why we were talking about this tonight at bedtime--I am sure they were doing everything in their power to prolong the actual going to bed process.  But, they were asking about babies and sleeping and I told them that when they were babies, they would wake me up through the night to eat/have a bottle and Xavier comes out with, 'so, we were nocturnal when we were babies?'  Well, I guess you could say that!  He thought that was hilarious.

This entire week, the boys have been wearing their pajamas backward and keep telling me that they are wearing them 'camoflauge' in "you can't see me, because my pajamas are backwards which makes them camoflauge"...completely cracking me up.  In addition to that, they are also layering their pajamas (i.e. wearing two different sets of pajamas, one a short sleeved/shorts combo worn over the top of some long sleeved/pants...I am including a picture below, because it makes me laugh.)  Tonight, I was wondering why they were taking so long to get their pajamas on and they were in their room meticulously picking out their outfits.

Yes, I know that William is not looking at the camera, but this was the best I could get.  They were bouncing off the walls!

And let me just add a couple of things that I am so thankful for right now--these will be going on my gifts list, because I am so close to 1000 and am hoping to hit that by next Thursday almost a year to the day that I started.

First, Micah is really loving his rotation this month. He worked last week at our city's children's hospital and is doing some extra shifts there tomorrow and Friday.  It is so hard to try to figure out what direction you want to go as a med student and while there have been definite "NO"s in some months (i.e. OB/GYN and General Surgery), he is finding joy in this month and it is fun to see your husband who is working so hard having fun while doing working all those hours.

Second, we wrapped up our discussion from our study of Beth Moore's Stepping Up Through the Psalms tonight in Bible Study and it was so good, I kind of felt the whole time like I was just sitting and soaking up the evening, hearing how God's Word has affected those in the study with me, reflecting on God's absolute goodness.  Our God is so good, my friends, and He loves us so intimately and dearly and it is just overwhelming at times.  I am so incredibly grateful for the way that He works and moves and how the Word that was written and recorded thousands of years ago still speaks to me and you is living and active.  So, so thankful for a community of women to study it with.


Joyce said…
Thanks for the laughs--out loud laugh! Love you.
Jane said…
I'm so glad he's liking peds! I can totally see him doing that. However, I really miss the frustrated texts from the last 2 months that always made me laugh! :)

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