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Okay, so I confess that I have no idea where to start.  I have been a bit overwhelmed with life and all that the holiday season contains (no big surprise there, right?) that I have begun making lists for myself.  The last two days, that list has included blogging, but I couldn't bring myself to sit down and actually do it.  I  am pretty sure that some of the hesitation to blog has come from my desire to also post pictures and while I have still been taking pictures, I am feeling kind of in a slump as far as editing goes and my ability to edit and see them correctly and so it has become a slippery slope of wanting to blog, thinking I need to edit pictures, not wanting edit pictures, so I don't blog.

Good news for me is that my sister who is a way better photographer than I am was with us in Illinois for Thanksgiving and took most of the photos AND she blogged them.  She posted some really awesome photos of pretty much the cutest kids you will ever see, so I recommend visiting these posts:


So, what have we been up to these weeks?  

The boys have been seriously gearing up for the Christmas holidays.  It is like we got back from Thanksgiving and the hyper activity level increased ten fold.  I feel sorry every single day for their teacher because she has 18 in her class not just my two and in her words "yours are calm compared to some."  Seriously, thank you, Lord, for teachers. 

Micah has finished yet another rotation (5 of 20 down,  woohoo, I just realized that he is 25% done!).  He loved pediatrics more than he thought he would.  This month, he is on psychiatry and while the hours are seriously awesome, he has busy work and also has been seeing some very sad, difficult cases.  The boys and I are praying every night for him to be a bright spot in someone's day.  

I am just catching up with work stuff, house stuff, and general life stuff (can someone let me know if I will ever get caught up?  if not, I am not sure I want to know).  I had a friend who had a new baby, so I got to go visit at the hospital and take dinner one night.  Last week, I finished up some photo related holiday gifts and cards.  My women's Bible study group also finished up our study of Beth Moore's Stepping Up Through the Psalms and if I can ever get to it, that deserves a post all of its own.  The study was such an encouragement to me and came at just the right time.  I am so thankful for all that I learned through this semester of study.  

Our family....we put up our Christmas tree on Saturday which the boys loved doing.  Taking pictures might have been a disaster and might have ended with me getting really frustrated because they wouldn't sit still which prompted me to stop taking pictures because, hello, it isn't about the pictures...right?  I made party mix (aka Chex Mix) and hot apple cider while we decorated and then after the boys went to bed, Micah and I wrapped Christmas presents.  We are also doing a Jesse Tree Advent reading each night before bed (this also deserves its own post) and I am trying my best not to get too stressed with the busyness of the season that I don't take time to truly appreciate and ponder on the reason.  Some days, I am more successful at this than others. 

For the most part, I think this catches us up.  Hope my three readers are all well :)  Maybe later this week, I can bring myself to edit some photos to post!


Thanks for your confession about frustration when things weren't going the way you planned. I needed to hear that. Sometimes we lose focus of what is important while we pursue other things.
Amy said…
I've enjoyed reading Melissa's posts about your Thanksgiving! The boys looks so grown up in all of the pictures. Looking forward to hearing about your Beth Moore study. I haven't done that one but it sounds so good! Hope things slow down just a little bit so you can enjoy this time of the year. Life just gets busier and busier, doesn't it? Love and miss you, my friend!
4 readers! =)

Love seeing how big the boys are! I remember posting pictures when they were just babies!
Merry Christmas!!!
Joyce said…
Thanks for taking the reading and seeing it all!
Brian Lewis said…
Honestly, the time between Thanksgiving and Christmas is pure torture for teachers. Most elementary teachers make all of these cutesy little reindeer made out of the child's hand, etc. I end up being the mean old grinch, "We'll do a craft the day before break!" :)
thehsmomof3 said…
What a delightful time you must have had with family! I'm so happy for you.
- Sherri

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