Crazy day

I woke this morning to a text from my sister asking if my parents were going to be driving to Nashville. I very groggily replied that I didn't think so, but why? I immediately woke up when I got her text back telling me that my other sister Elizabeth was having a c-section at 6:30.   Her baby wasn't due until February 29th, so this was definitely a shock. I came out and talked to my mom who had been talking and texting with Liz.  Apparently, through the night, she was having extreme back and abdominal pain that sent her to the hospital and when she got to there, her blood pressure was dangerously high.  They diagnosed her with preeclampsia and wisely delivered her sweet little baby girl this morning:

2 lbs 14 oz

Both Addison and Elizabeth seem to be doing as well as can be expected.  Liz is worn out and they are watching her very closely.  Addison is going to be in the hospital for several weeks, but the nurses and doctors were all encouraged that she was crying as soon as she was born.  I know that it will be a long road ahead of them, but tonight we are thankful for the fact that both are safe and sound with doctors and nurses taking good care of them.

So, my parents and brother headed out the door shortly before seven to drive to Nashville.  Then, later today, Melissa had her appointment with the surgeon to discuss her gall bladder that has been causing so much pain for her this week.  She spent about seven hours at the doctor's office and doing tests and scans and has yet another follow up tomorrow morning.  It was not all encouraging news for her since he told her that if she does have to have the gall bladder surgery, then it will most likely be a major surgery and not a laparoscopic one.  

The day is feeling pretty surreal, to be honest.  I have found myself trying to decide all day between packing up my car and driving to Nashville and trying to decide if right now is the best time to go.  Living far away from my family is not my favorite thing on a good day, but on a day when there is so much going on in both of their families, it is really hard.  I have been thinking on a Scripture recently from Psalm 125:2 "as the mountains surround Jerusalem, so the Lord surrounds His people" and that thought just keeps resonating through my mind tonight as I think about my sisters. I love the picture that those words bring to my mind and I am praying that they will both know the comfort of His surrounding presence.


Joan B said…
I hope that it is possible for you to go to Nashville when the time is right and hope you will know when that is. hugs to all of you.
thehsmomof3 said…
Praying that you ALL will feel his surrounding presence today.
Monica said…
Oh, Becky, I'm praying for all of you that you'll have clarity in making decisions as so many thoughts and emotions must be flooding your soul. Thanks for the updates. We'll keep praying!
theredpumpkin said…
I just saw that your sister didn't have to have surgery so I know you are all rejoicing about that! I've thought of you and your family these last couple of days and can't imagine having two big things happening to two sisters. I know the Lord has been with you and I'm glad that we could all participate and pray with you guys. So thankful that both Addison and Elizabeth are doing well and we will keep praying for them and for all of you.
Tia said…
I was just thinking about Elizabeth today! Wow, I am praying for your whole family! I love how the Scriptures encourage and support at the right time. I look forward to hearing updates, and send my congrats to Liz and Michael, praying for you all!
Jane said…
Glad everyone is okay! One of my good friends had a sweet little baby girl on Dec 22 ... she was initially due on February 29 also! Now, that means I only know 5 people due on the 29th. What in the world is up with that day of the year??? :)

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