Cutest Shepherds on the block

Last night was the boys' Christmas program at school with the other kindergarten classes.  Serious cuteness, let me tell you.  The night before was their cousin's program and I decided that night that hearing a group of kids proclaim loudly  the Good News of Christ's birth just might be the sweetest thing ever.

While we were at my parents' house for Thanksgiving, the boys 'performed' their program at least three different times, so I wasn't too worried about them knowing the words.  They seemed to get a little sleepy throughout (it was a common theme, I saw a LOT of yawns), but all of the kids did great....although, I am going to need to play back the video because there seemed to be a little excitement on the other side of the stage involving a child, his shepherds staff, and the teacher carrying him off stage.

Before we left for the program, I made the boys get their costumes on so that we could take advantage of what natural light there was.

The kids all came in blowing noisemakers since they were on their way to a 'birthday party' :

Xavier had a small speaking part towards the end of the program and while he occasionally gets self conscious in front of people, he had no qualms last night stepping right up and speaking clearly into the microphone.

On the very last song, they had motions and then were swaying back and forth.  In the second photo, you can see how their right handed/left handed-ness comes into play--they both sway opposite ways...cracks me up every time and as their teacher says, it just goes to show their individuality.

And my favorite photo of my little shepherds:


Melissa said…
I love it - they look adorable! And I know that they sounded adorable too.
Amy said…
Cutest little shepherds I've ever seen!!
Joyce said…
Sweet, sweeet sheperds!
LaCombe said…
Bluest eyes ever! Sweet, Sweet Boys! You are Blessed! Merry Christmas, Becky! Love and Prayers, Kathy

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