We celebrated Christmas and had really a wonderful two days with Micah's family and then today, our plan was to seriously clean our house--it was in desperate need--since my mom, dad, brother, and sister Melissa and family were coming for a week.  Unfortunately, Melissa ended up in the ER early this morning after having severe abdominal pain all night long.  It seems that she has gall stones and is way too sick to travel.  I am sad and disappointed for all of us, we so love our time together.  And I am just frustrated for Melissa.  I just want her to be able to catch a break, to have a bit of time without some sort of medical event, and to enjoy the holidays with her family.  I have spent the entire day praying and asking God and trying to find some good.  I am thankful that it did not happen while they were on the road or already here, it would have been much more difficult if that had been the case. 

And I am thankful that my parents are still coming, it was up in the air for several hours whether they should just travel on to Nashville or not.  In the end, they are coming here knowing that if they need to, they can get in the car and go on to Nashville.

We did just skype with her, which makes me feel a bit better to see her.  She is very tired and I am praying that she gets some rest tonight and is able to see a doctor first thing in the morning who can help her.  And my parents will be here in just a few minutes, so the pictures that I was going to post will have to wait.  Looking forward to some fun times with them!


Beth T. said…
I've been praying for you and your family, Becky. I can't imagine the disappointment,but thankful that it didn't happen while she was on the road...as you said!

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