Okay, how have we come to the second Friday after being home from our Thanksgiving trip?  Seriously, the days are flying around here.  I think I might have made it sound like I was stressed out in my last post and honestly, I am not.  Sure, we are busy, but it has been a good busy and I am allowing myself some grace to not have everything done and perfect.  It has been exceedingly helpful that Micah has had more free time and it is great having his help with emptying the dishwasher, helping getting supper started, and just little daily things that I have gotten used to doing by myself.  I am going to try to not get used to it, because I know that his schedule won't always allow for it. 

This morning, I had a coffee date with a friend and we had the best time visiting and just chatting about life and the holidays and the craziness of it all.  Now, I am sitting at our church answering phones for registration for our Toys for Tots event that is happening next weekend.  I am very excited to get to be here this year for the actual day of the event.  I am feeling pretty thankful to be part of a church that has such a heart for the community and also thankful for all that God has blessed us with to be able to give to others.  I am also realizing how much I am kind of enjoying being around people.  Working from home is a huge blessing and for the most part, I am pretty thankful that I don't have a hard and fast schedule, but I am telling you that the last couple of hours of just being around people (talking to some, hearing others talk around me while I am working, and just seeing others come and go) has been really nice, makes me feel like I am a bit more a part of society.  

So, I am still not editing photos, but I did manage to scrap not just one, but three pages this week!

the first two are with the December BYOC from the Lilypad and I am seriously in love with the colors.

This one used the free challenge template at the Lilypad and Emily Merrit's D is for Dapper kit:

This weekend, we have the Christmas parade in our little town and then our Young Survivor Christmas Party on Sunday afternoon and I am determined to get caught up on my P365 before I fall off the wagon.

And an update on the whole boys are being crazy and how I feel sorry for their teacher.  Wednesday when I went to pick them up, Mrs. B brought them out to the car and I asked how she was doing.  Her reply: "I am cranky!! not one of the kids is listening..."  In the words of my brother-in-law who left this in the comments of my previous post "Honestly, the time between Thanksgiving and Christmas is pure torture for teachers."  I had a feeling that was true.    I am saying extra prayers for all the teachers in my life that God would heap blessings on them, because I am thinking it would not be pretty if I were in their shoes!


Tia said…
Thanks for the teacher prayers...much needed!
theredpumpkin said…
So true (prayers needed for the teacher!). It has been a crazy time here for teachers because of some Spanish holidays. The kids have had a few days out here and there recently. Monday, as C and D's teacher was leaving I asked if she had had a rough day. She asked me if I could tell and I said, well, a little. :) She looked exhausted but she does have 25 2 and 3 year olds. Who wouldn't be bonkers. :) I know my Daniel keeps her moving! BTW, I love the pictures your sister took of the boys with their t-shirt ties. So cute!

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