Goodbye, 2011

Yesterday, as I was finishing up the last pages from my P365 project, I was trying to think of a way to recap the year and to note what I wanted to remember from this year.  I don't know that I have it figured out, because it has been a doozy of a year, capped off by a pretty eventful week for my family.  Last year at this time, I was reading all about everyone's One Little Word (as explained by Ali Edwards) and while I had never chosen one little word for myself and didn't 'officially' choose one for 2011, I remember spending a lot of time focusing on the word 'persevere' and the Scripture from Galatians 6:9 "and let us not grow weary in well doing, for in due season, we will reap if we faint not." (as memorized from the KJV!)  That word just applied to so many areas of my life:
  • parenting--the boys who I love more than life itself are a bit of a handful and Micah was gone and busy for a LOT of this year
  • my role as wife and caretaker of the house
  • exercise and healthy eating
  • my spiritual walk, memorizing Scripture, counting gifts, growing in my faith
In all of those areas, so often I know what to do, not that I have it all figured out, I am just saying that so often I know what to do, it is a matter of doing what I know to be the right thing and doing it consistently.  So, if I could remember to persevere, to not give up the 'well doing' then I knew that Scripture promises that we will reap a harvest.  I don't know that I was able to reap all the harvest I wanted to this year, but I know that God taught me much about Himself and I do feel like I persevered through 2011. 

A little bit earlier, I looked through a slideshow of my project 365 pages from this year.  We have had a lot of good times.  We have spent some sweet times together as a family and with our extended family and friends.  Micah finished up his classroom part of med school, passed his Step One boards, and completed six of twenty rotations.  The boys turned five years old and started kindergarten.  We have celebrated birthdays and anniversaries and I think I learned how to use my camera a bit better.  And while there are lots of smiles and happy days reflected in the pictures, I feel like they belie the underlying heartache and grief that also visited so often this year.  And yet, I also wonder if those happy smiles and pictures are a way of persevering as well--choosing joy, choosing to be thankful even in the midst of great sadness, choosing to see the little lives that are growing and changing right in front of us.  This year has been difficult, I will not lie, and it is one in which I have 'sown' the Scriptures many times in tears (Psalm 126:5a), yet time and time again, I have found that we can come out on the other side 'reaping with joyful shouting (Psalm 126:5b).

This year has certainly not been what we expected.  Today, in fact, is not what we expected or planned for.  We were supposed to be saying goodbye to my sister and her family and parents this morning and sending them on their way while we cleaned house and recuperated from a week of fun with the cousins.  Instead, our house was quiet.  Melissa and family didn't get to come at all and my parents and brother headed out after only a few days.  And my sweet little niece who wasn't supposed to arrive until late February was born nine weeks early.  So, no, this year or this week has not been what we expected or planned for, but honestly, what year or week is? 

So, tonight, I say goodbye to 2011--a year that cost much, but also yielded much.  And tomorrow, we will start in on another year, hoping and trusting for eyes to always be open to the goodness that He gives daily.

Happy New Year and best wishes for 2012!


joelsgirl said…
Great post, Becky! I love that you take the time to blog. It helps me not to miss you so much. I love the photo of your family, and I hope that 2012 is a year of just rejoicing, without the tears so much.
LaCombe said…
What a Beautiful Picture of your family! I do miss you!
Praying for your new little niece and her parents. Remember, God is good! A very Blessed and Happy New Year to you and your family! Love, Kathy
Anonymous said…
Great picture!! Great Blog!!
Great thinking!! Just had a nice vist with your Mom. Love You all!
Gma E
Christine said…
What a wonderful way to look back on the year... and those family photos are adorable!
listgirl said…
Hi Becky! I love this post and was very touched by it. Such great reflections on a difficult year. You always think of great words to describe things and I really enjoy your expositions!
theredpumpkin said…
I love this post. I teared up while at the same time felt encouraged...very poignant. I love the family photo.

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